Review of hupharma testosterone cypionate raws

Review of hupharma testosterone cypionate raws

*Has the product been used? Yes, For how long?at time of bloods 5 weeks

*Communication & Ordering process- communication was flawless given the time difference. Order process was easy

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging -from time of order to delivery was 4 days total. This was domestic.

*Items ordered- testosterone cypionate

*Product effectivenes and experience- works like all other testosterone I have had, some people said testosterone cypionate crashes easily but in my own brewing experience this was not the case at all. None crashed I went as low as 10%BB for 300mg/ml with mig840, however the mig didn’t agree well with me. I also like all the payment options they offer

*Rate with 1-10
Communication - 10
Payment processing -10
Order processing-10
Delivery -10
Shipping packaging-10
Product packaging-10
Product effectiveness -10

*Would you recommend this sponsor? I would absolutely recommend, this was from their domestic raw shipper and minimums are 100g I think but if thats the amount you need it worked out great


Yo my man, how are you liking the TEST C

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