Rich Piana reportedly passed away a few hours ago

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According to several sources online Rich Piana didn’t make it thru the coma and has passed away. Regardless of what anyone says about the guy he’s been a big part of the sport and getting people to follow bodybuilding online. RIP.



I know someone has to feel the same way I do. I have followed this subculture sport for 25 years, a lot of it competing and by stupidity, body dysmorphia, whatever, done stupid things and even when getting an all clear from docs, etc. Think about competition again and I’m as old as Piana, if true RIp, either way I’ve been praying. Over the years, I have full known at some point the tax with have to be paid. I understand very well that across the country mostly non steroid users were in medically induced coma to try to get them through. I am saddened by McCarver and Piana, truly…also it scares the shit out of me to a point. If I wake up Tomorrow, what will I do? Coffee, 12.5 of triacana or t3 maybe and cardio(?) Hopefully it’s aerobic! I was really hoping Piana was gonna pull through but it’s been too quiet.

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Yeah I feel ya bro. I used to enjoy watching some of his vids in the morning. Actually felt bad for the guy with the Sara Heimis bs that went on too.

Fact is our sport isn’t the healthiest and it does take a toll on us. As I sit here reading all this online doing my daily injections…

I rationalize it by saying these are my new golf clubs and I don’t smoke and go to the 19 hole. So, I’m glad you’re honest. I was supposed to stop if I didn’t turn pro in 2000. Then definitely when mike Morris got sick…then…

Dam. I enjoy watching his videos as well. Just a shitty week for the sport. Makes me appreciate the forums more cause god knows how many more fatalities there would be when it comes to staying safe. Like i said a year ago i was buying anything i could get my hands on and just shotgunning thinking im gonna get huge. No method to the madness. 2 big names down for whatever reasons. Stay safe and stay focused brothers and sisters

If this is true its crazy because last I heard he was being brought out of the coma and the brain swelling had gone down.
I did hear a different story early on though that someone who worked at the hospital reported he was actually brain dead and the doctors didn’t have much hope.
I hope that the first is true.
One thing I will say don’t mix dope with aas that was the cause of this bs.

my condolences
to his family and friends. it is sad. , this is a reason i use to get very upset ,when i hear the cycles he posted … because i know he has a following. and there are many running massive dosages …that are not needed or safe. …it saddens me.
hopedully people will take head and amp things down a few notches for there own safety. …
i do know we all take our chances. , but the chances are much better running responsably. … (as responsably as we can any way. ) …
this should be a eye opener , for the members that remain silent. (newbes ) there are no stupid questions , if in doubt. ask. please. , our main goal is to provide saftey. and guidence for all. …sieg.

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I have to agree with you. I am getting worried myself. Is my heart going to explode next time I get under the bar ? Are my kidneys going to fail from years of abuse. Because Dallas and Rich are in the spotlight when something happens everyone knows. How many of us push the envelope daily ? My friend had heart failure 30 seconds after rep ping 405 for 6. He was 27. Our obsession’s are leading us down a path that like you said , the tax has to be payed.

Man so sad. Another one gone. RIP Rich.

Good vid from Rich. Not about bodybuilding.

Damn its this stuff that honestly does scare the shit out of me.

God bless 27 is too young

I do have to say after being at a couple of different boards today and guys just talking shit about him after he is dead its really nice to come here where there are decent respectful people.
It has me so mad that all these guys are saying bad things about a man that just died. When he was alive the haters were fine with me but the man just died have some respect for his family let people mourn.

Agree full heartedly. The world needs way less hate in general.

Its so true but I just don’t see it happening.

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Was there any clear info regarding drug use?
If it is true that it was coke or opiates I hope it gets shared so that others can learn.
Lots of gear users out there that are also drug users.

We should let it be common knowledge how rec drugs interact with steroid use.

They found white powder and a cc on the coffee table but no definite evidence saying he was using and not his girlfriend

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Me know if you need help

start a new thread , you have weird stuff going on

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