@rnmuscle gains and goals 2017

@rnmuscle gains and goals 2017

Can I get a (good for everyone too) / a rules, discount, sponsor synopsis. I too, will get in, I decided I will compete once more so these first three months I need to just get my body back to striking distance. I’m at 251 today, and I need to be at 240( if I had to pick) at under ten 8%, would be normal but I’ll pick a definite goal when I post later. Need I back groom. :dizzy_face: I also have to explain the fun little contest and that I am not getting back into being to my wife. So, I won’t be packing food to go to the mall. 🙅 I just want to know the specials in case I need anything else like whey protein, wink, wink. Do we have to post food, training, supp regimine, pics weekly. I’m sure it would take @bigmurph 2 minutes to put it all in one neat package. Thanks guys… Is their a senior citizen discount? I’m definitely the elder here. But, my avatar wasn’t that long ago at high 280s. Wheres my cane?288. You know its me, nice trunks… I don’t lie I was over three bills and me underoos didn’t fit as I got skinny. Hahaha


I love the loin cloth lolhaha is that the norm.
There is always a senior discount but only with your ugm card present at purchase lol
Leave that aarp shit at home lol
In all seriousness if that’s you today your already there get a stage under your feet brother you look great.

Well I quit haha. Lookin great brother.

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That was my biggest, while having shape. The last year, well I’ll put the pics up. I just have to think of goal. I was on my way to 210. I need to do one more show, get it out of my system.

So this is t your current pics? Are you planning to post those up to enter the contest?

No way, last year I was 235-240 at 8%andtrying to get to a happy medium of like 220. My goal for 2018 is to compete again at north Americans masters or even like a big show, Mel Chauncey just had one. I got one more, well 2 because gotta win an open too💪 I wanna have some fun, most of the competing wasnt fun, everyone was sooo serious. This will be phase one 251 back to 240 and so maybe I can place I think anything under 10%, I want some goodies. I always use mirror but 225 lbm by June, would be great.

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Ahh okay I see. So you still have to upload your current pics then. I’m excited to see where you’re at now and watch our journey. You looked awesome in the above pic and would do great on stage.

And tonight is the back, no way am I showing that w/o a trim😁, no dht receptors there that’s for sure.

Officially this will be my day one. The goal is to get to 240 plus or minus five, but bodyfat under 10%. For me, this phase one is to get back into the shape I’ve been in the last few years. I don’t look at the scale to much but I was consistent 235 and 7 to 8 % bf all caliper by my same friend. He’s faculty at one of the colleges in exercise phys, teaches mainly A& P. So, its done right. 2 hydrostatic were less than 9😀. I was 252 yesterday, I’ll get a pic at the gym tonight. Weeks 1-4 will be omni TNE 50 EOD, Omini blend(100,100,100) prop, npp, mast p. , RP4U- PROP, CYP, PARA PHARM- NPP(DECAN 150), SUST 350. INTERPHARM GEN-EX MASTERON.
OMNI ANAVAR, WINSTROL, PROVIRON. I ALWAYS HAVE FARESTON, PRAMI, AROMASIN, ADEX BUT ILL USUALLY GO BY FEEL, I MOSTLY USE 1 ARIMIDEX TWICE A WEEK AND 60 MGS FARESTON TWICE. Later in the cycle though. I’ll add in tren, winny inject, take out stuff later… SO 1-4 IS 50MGS ANADROL/4 DAYS A WEEK, ANAVAR 40MGS 5DAYS, WINSTROL 50 MGS3-4 DAYS, I STAGGER THEM AT FIRST. PROVIRON 25MGS OPPOSITE MASTERON. TNE 50 EOD, PROP 100, NPP 100, MASTERON 150, EOD. TEST LONG ACTING 500/WEEK. If I feel good, I’ll add a month of ipamorelin 500mcg before bed, hexarhelin 150mcg TID, and I found some of the best mk677, I’ve been using that regardless for 4 months 50mgs day.

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I’ll be following bro. I think you still neee tonpost pics tho with the date and stuff.

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Nice glad to have you officially aboard just some pictures with the date and your good to go

I am getting murdered, made the mistake of mentioning this little fun contest “to get me motivated” well , finally begged and will get a pic taken or I will do a selfie, don’t ask why I didn’t just do that and hire someone to shave the back…LOL. I’m sure, especially if you have had the luck to have same girl for a few shows, you know what I’m saying. Had to hide everything. Re route a package, because the bottom line is way back somewhere I’m going to be the oldest nationals overall winner and my lady remembers some bbers we know got sick and the last show with the winner …me laying on the cold concrete puking and a temp of 110(no, but it was cold and I had the thermic effect of food raise my temp, felt horrible.) She knows I wanna compete, especially when I was looking at nabba USA!

That sounds horrible I can only imagine

I try to make it funny by slight exaggerations, but bbing is a weird, artistic, pageant. Like showing your paintings, some people love it and some don’t. If you read NPC online they have a bulletin that says Sunday everyone who won a class has to show up to take pics. So its on you to change your plans ,women come with full makeup, etc. No pay. Still no money for JM manion to take all your time and your a pro now. They still are like its good for you to have you pics out. Same argument 20 years ago. But yet, I still want to see if I can get that condition again. Kinda weird, but really is funny. Like the big drug secrets or when everyone trained at the same gym so wore fully covered sweats. I love the lore and history of bbing as a subculture.

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It is really just like anything else there’s always those little things that kind of catch a trend and go through time and keep changing but certain people making money off you that’ll never change I believe.
Athletes working for free in my opinion it’s crazy because the sport does bringing a lot of money and it should be spread around a little bit more

Latest setback. Funny that this is healing well.


Holy shit what am I looking at?

Better late…


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