Roid test of Gentech NPP 200

Amp A observed at the one minute and 3 min mark.

See chart for color comparison.

Added amp B Bc of the incorrect color for amp A.

Should be yellow turning to darker green.

Amp D.

I don’t know wtf is going on. This looks all wrong to me. A is wrong. That’s brown. B is brown. D is positive.

I could be wrong.

@Mike666 help us out.

@Bigmurph just to follow along.

@Kad1 thoughts?


I mean maybe in the bottom corner of amp A there’s a little green. But why is it brown on top?

See, I would be throwing shit just getting off work! If it isn’t what it should be can you go to another chart and see ok this primobolan instaed of NPP​:boom::boom:could happen since this is only research .

Hahaha no need for explosion big fella! I just sigh and take moment. These test can be kinda tricky in my opinion!

My thoughts is that its completely fucking garbage and I don’t know how you are so calm because im about to go off the rails is this shit being produced in a fucking garage are they putting on caps with pliers what is going on with these shit fucking labs that continue to pop up

Great sponsors

Shitty fucking labs im so mad moving forward to everyone stick with well known and trusted labs instead of these labs who are trying to kill people.

I swear if a member gets hurt I will fucking explode im getting really upset about shitty labs being tolerated by Good Sponsors.

Its like the shitty labs decided sense they can’t advertise except at cess pools they have figured out to block themselves by hiding behind a good sponsor its bullshit.

I need to take a break


Hahahaha I’m calm on the outside. I’m calm via keyboard.

I also like to leave room for my own error.


Now that you agree. This is fucking bullshit. I won’t be trying anyone new anytime soon. I need @Mike666 to step up and rectify this. These are two blatantly failed tests.

They pride themselves on only having quality gear, this is the second lab, third product that has failed roid test at UGM. this is absolutely horseshit.


IMO the sponsors are still using the shitty labs. The sponsor is all high and mighty about being for quality… I don’t see their words matching their behavior. The product that failed for Kad is still available.


I went out on a ledge and tried a previous DoucheBag (we all know who) and it bit me in the ass, so I’m kind of skeptical now. I just hope that it works out and they make it right, then drop the labs that can’t comply.

i very appreciate all of this
i just send to the LAB.
Waiting an answer


Not another one… :-1:


That and the primo.

WTF! This sucks. Thanks for testing :sob:


@Mike666 any updates on this or the primo?

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They at least made the NPP not available anymore. Per email they are still working on figuring things out.


Bro be patient a bit please
its the weekend also
im sure i will back to you with an answer tomorow
have good sunday

of course
satisfy you its our job
provide quality its our job

Got an email update:

They are sending samples to independent lab to get testing. Might be 10 days before I get results.

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