Roid Test on Testosterone Cypionate

Wanna thank @ROIDTEST for coming through today. Ordered the $25 Testosterone test, the larger kit is for testing multiple compounds, for anyone unfamiliar with Roid test reading This. Really wanted to Test my Test C since it’s my first cycle and got my gear from a local source So wasn’t sure what to expect.

To my understanding it’s good to go, tested for the hormone and ester. After 2-3 minutes Amp D went from a light purple to dark purple. Amp B went dark brown. To my understanding everything aligned with the color chart. Sorry couldn’t take a picture faster this is after 7-9 minutes.

Big thanks to Roid test and @Bigmurph And everyone on here for all the extra information under the search bar, will be recommending @ROIDTEST and using in the future forsure.


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Btw thanks @Bigmurph for all the extra bit coin information on here. Helped out a ton for someone that didn’t have a fucking clue what I was doing. Was able to get ahold of some aromasin just Incase I need it.

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Glad to hear things are good.
Always stay safe.


Love when things work out


I hope that you used code UGMUSCLE for 20% off for our members.
Im glad to hear it tested positive


Good shit @ROIDTEST kits are the truth. I always keep that starter kits on hand since primo is what I like and known to be faked kit comes in handy.

I also used the UGMuscle code for that 20% discount!


Thank you all for your support, we are glad to be able to provide an important harm reduction tool to the community!

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