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Did a Roid Test on @SRx Test E 250. I started with the D ampule and it turned a darker purple pretty quickly. This may be because I put more than the recommended amount of oil in but I was trying to compensate for having a 25g needle. Also there were two of the catalyst balls in the cap rather than one as it says on the direction so I put both in. What I’m mainly concerned about is the result of the A sample. It was a lighter yellowish brown color rather than the darker brown it’s supposed to be on the color chart, looked more like the prop color. Could this be due to the carrier oil srx used?

No change in color on the B sample under UV.

Also on a side note the blue cap covering the vial will not go back on once I snapped it off so it’s just kind of laying on top of the vial now

Yes, usually the A amp is dependent upon the carrier oil. So not unusual for it to be a little different. Was the D amp supposed to turn purple? It looks good to me. Ask @SRx what carrier oil they use and @ROIDTEST can help with color.

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Correct we use MCT Oil which skews the A amp results



@SRx I assumed it was the oil used. What about the blue cap? Why will it not snap back on?

Nope once you pull a cap off a vial they do not reattach


You can use them for a mini checkerboard once you get enough. :grin:


Just used that for first cycle you will be happy


@Dirtnasty did you do a roid test on yours?

In my ass yes hahaha.


@Dirtnasty lmao :joy: :joy: best test there is

Believe me brother there stuff is definitely top grade. I’m normally the kind of guy to run test eq , mast an tren and if there tren is real wich it is do to noticeable results and the way it taste an the taste an random but few coughs from injections if that is real as of the tren then there test would be as well cause if you were to buy an test compounds that would be in a much higher price tang for raws an if they come up real then there would be no reason for the test to not be cause it’s by far cheaper I’ve been running only srx for going on 6months an ive got post on here to show what results I’ve gotten from only them I lost allot of fat weight an brought back muscle weight to replace my fat as well ran into some issues very quick cause the prop loves to give me gyno really bad an running there letro an para nolva


I literally just snorted laughing. Lmao

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I can be funny from time to tiMe


I’ve got a lot of lab work that will vouch for the purity of @srx test


These guys are spot on but I do understand why you tested it it’s hard to believe that you can just order from an online company and pay a great price and it be legit it’s your first time so your doing it right you did research asked questions actually listened to people’s advice you fell into a great place with great people and sponsors. Trust me we all were not that lucky keep doing what your doing I like to see someone come on board learn do things right and see the transformation that is made with hard work


@Outlawthing Thanks I figure I should take every possible precaution and learn as much as possible because it’s my health at the end of the day


That is 100% correct

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Your D ampule reaction confirms testosterone is present, and you were very smart to check for a UV reaction once you saw the yellow reaction in B. The lack of a UV reaction confirms the lighter reaction in the B ampule was due to the carrier oil used.

The B ampule is used for ester identification, and esters are fatty acids/oils. With this in mind, if a different carrier oil is used than is used in the pharmaceutical samples we use to create the color chart, it can impact the B ampule with a lighter color reaction than expected.


@ROIDTEST do you mean the A sample is used for the ester identification? This is the one I got a lighter color than expected on. The B was an orangish brown which looks correct based on the chart for test E

Yes, A and B are both used for ester identification and can be impacted by carrier oils.

In the future you’ll save money by using only the two recommended ampules for each substance, indicated with arrows next to them on the color chart. In the instance of testosterone, it would be B and D.

All the best!

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