Ok so everyone needs to be aware of something’s that I have recently come across.
I even had this specific site brought to my attention yesterday.
This is what is happening I spoke with multiple people that this site claims are members or srcs and not one I spoke with is apart of this forum. is collecting all the information that anyone logging in or on will give them plus all the srcs that are supposed to be apart of this place are all fake and its just the FAKE SCAM site owner who is just sitting back and collecting everyone’s money and then not doing anything but spending it this is not the first FAKE forum to pop up recently.
Honestly if you are going to visit a forum that hasn’t already been around for years you are taking a huge risk because they are now taking advantage of hmmmmm lets call it a vacuum that was recently created when alot of people lost there home forum’s.
This site claims that they have been around for 7 years or something like that but you can check it out and you can see that the domain wasn’t even purchased until 2017. So remember anyone can claim anything on the internet. You have to research and fact check before letting down your guard.

One thing that is extremely simple to do that I recommend to everyone is use 2fa this way you are protected past just a password.
Information collection is one thing but what about the multiple data breaches every day that occur. These allow your information and passwords to get online and just passed around or even sold. The companies don’t like to announce a data breach until way after it happens so you don’t even know for over a year sometimes that everyone has access to everything that you have a password for and if you use 2fa you take back the advantage of only you having access to your 2fa not some company with bullshit security protocols. Recently a huge server wasn’t even hacked it didn’t even have a password to protect it so whoever stole the information only needed to download it this is just not safe to trust these companies with your information especially since just like the hackers there selling your information also.
Using 2fa which stands for two factor authentication is the best way to protect yourself against information collection to access your accounts
Its as simple as downloading it from the app store on your phone and then when you log in you are asked for a series of numbers that you get from that app. I reccomend using 2fa to everyone. If you need help setting up 2fa im happy to help you please just tag me in and I will make sure that you end up with 2fa turned on at ugmuscle and then after you know how to use it you can set up all your other apps and sites you visit that offer 2fa.

Thanks guys and gals


Thanks for this brotha!


Thanks buddy

Its funny how the site was claiming to be around over 10 years yet domain was done 2 years ago. And a lot of fake posts and spam everywhere. They expose their IP and hosting info and everything. Whoever runs it is a dumbass.


somebody needs to teach them a lesson

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So FYI they are reading this cause they tried to hide it behind Cloudflare… Unfortunately anyone that looked earlier can clearly see its hosted on Namecheap in the UK servers. IP address

DNS: host60.registrars



Ha ha, got em.

Thanks for all the info it’s well appreciated brother. I actually got scammed into buying bunk gear when I first got back on earlier this year. It sucks there are people like this in the world but it also shows how far people can go just to make a quick buck. It makes me sick to my stomach. BTW the site that screwed me over was aaspharmacy

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bad bad karma. what turned me on to this site is its easy to navigate so not much digging has to be done to see if things are legit. we all owe @TG a bow of respect and none of that 30 degree bow bullshit



Solid advice. It may be overkill, but I really like tor for opsec as well. Sadly it seems the tor portal for ugmuscle is down though. But I’m just going to the clearnet address over tor instead. Encrypted email via protonmail or tutanota is top tier as well.

I’ll get it back up by weekend. Unfortunately I need to pull some custom code from a private repo and forgot when I did the last update.



The tor should work I believe that if you enter it should bring you right here through tor. I believe that the staff is working on getting the other tor address back up and running.


Damn that was quick lol

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing so far and all is functional. I feel you guys on the private repo though. On the plus side, you should be able to see and compare changes that might need to be done assuming git is being used. Top work on the site btw guys. Keep it up.

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