Roidtest contest harm reduction month November

Roidtest contest harm reduction month November

These two contests are being sponsored by ugmuscle and Anabolicdevelopment
With a discount from
Coupon code UGMUSCLE will get you 20% off until the end of November.

So I see that we have a great amount of members interested in winning a roidtest.
These are two different contests.

  1. The first is an invite contest as most of you know in your account there is an invite option to use. This allows you to invite friends and associates to ugmuscle with just an email address. You can even write in a custom message.
    The way this contest works is from today 11/9 the invites that are sent out will be counted. To have the invite count towards winning the contest the new member that you have invited has to also write an introduction to the community. If an invite is sent and no introduction written that invite doesn’t count towards winning the contest.
    Im not going to make this easy.
    Just to be considered as the winner you need 5 invites minimum.
    The winner of this contest will receive a complete stocked starter set from roidtest.
    You can check the link below to see that it is a $129 value. You can choose to receive the Anabolics book 11th edition if you would prefer that over the stocked starter set.
    Easy and fun contest to let others experience ugmuscle and how we do things here.
  1. This is the second option for entering.
    This contest is for articles. The way this contest works is by writing 800 words or more in an article format.
    You can not just copy and paste articles from the internet or other published material. You can however and is encouraged to use and give links to different articles to the topic that you are writing about. This contest will be judged and counted. Meaning that the minimum number of articles written by a contestant will be one. However if you write 4 articles with quality content you will automatically receive a single compound test of your choice. The all around winner will be chosen by a judging panel to decide who wrote the best articles with the best content.

Prizes for this contest are
4 written 800+ word articles wins a single compound roidtest kit.

Overall winner: Stocked starter set or an Anabolics 11th edition. Winners choice.

Article submissions should be sent in a private message to @TrenGod @Bigmurph @SemperFi in a group titled contest. Consider SEO keywords in title and in the first paragraph or sentence.

Both contests start today 11/9 and end on 11/30. The new members that you invite to ugmuscle can also participate in either contest.

I wanted to add if you have any questions just post them here and I will be happy to help. Lets have some fun with this.


This looks great… pardon me being ignorant but what is SEO keywords?

Search engine optimization.


Fitraver got it right

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@members a quick reminder to not miss your opportunity to qualify for a free RoidTest Test Kit or an even bigger prize.

If you do not wish to participate in the contest do not forget to take advantage of the 20% discount available to only ugm members until Novemebr 30. Use coupon code UGMUSCLE

We encourage you to participate with all of us in recognition of Steroid Harm Reduction Month.



Yeah I put this contest together with
@TrenGod, @SemperFi .
We thought that there would be alot of articles written and invites being sent.
I understand that its still early but I want to give away some free stuff to our community.
Please get involved im really excited about reading the articles and getting to know some new members.

If anyone has any questions about the contest im always here to help.


So im disappointed with the participation in this contest I really thought that everyone was wanting to participate. I even made 2 contests so that everyone would be able to atleast write articles and others could just invite new members.

Im sorry to have to do this but the staff at ugmuscle have decided to close this contest. Due to the lack of participation we would rather have other contests in the future and giveaway items that would bring in more participation and activity.

If you have articles written and just haven’t put them in the article submission category.
Please contact me and depending upon the quality of the article I will decide if you should receive a single compound roidtest.

We do have a winner and it is @josh he submitted 2 articles and we very much appreciate you participating in the contest @josh you are a winner of a single compound roidtest of your choosing.
Please pm Bigmurph and we will get one shipped out today from @ROIDTEST.


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