Rp4u tren e and sust cycle/ Bridge to omni gear

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So here are my stats
12% bf
5’ 8"
Will be starting cycle on Oct 1 and run until Jan 1.
This is a bulk cycle.
Will start first 30 days with 50mgs of Adrol supplied by Iron Junkie labs
Will be running 700 mgs a week of Tren E a week for duration of cycle split into eod
Will be running 1820 mgs a week of sust split into eod
Aromisin at 12.mgs eod and adjust as needed
Have prami and caber on hand haven’t had issues in past where I had to use them.Will put up pics once I start for a beginning cycle . Have diet laid out by my coach. As well as 5 day a week training cycle . hope to put on 15 to 17 lbs . But I guess we will see


I will be watching im interested

Awesome man. I’ll be following. Justtarted abombs at 50 myself on Thursday. My first time ever running that compound.

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1820mgs of test a week?!?!
700mg of tren a week
50mg adrol

Sounds like a lot but not really . I’m old and been around the block a few times .will be a really good blast before I cruise for 2 months and then do a 16 week contest prep .

Be careful. Make sure you run a liver support and drink plenty of water .Adrol is my favorite oral due to strength and power gain to get bigger you have to get stronger .

Wes doesn’t fuck around brother lol

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You’re a newbie don’t act like you workout lol :slight_smile:

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Not at all my man .I figure I can just lay around on the couch and get big with gear and potato chips. Only if right

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Got my Tudca NaC and liv52. Also running saw palmetto for prostate. Cialis and coq10 for bp as well. And nolva for gyno precaution.

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I use lecheck cycle armor. Its an all in one

Just keep curling the remote control lol

Is this the one you use?

Yes sir it is . plus I take two aspirin a day. As well as animal pak flex for my joints

I take baby aspirin, glucosamine, taurine, tudca
I have thought about using the animal pac but its expensive

Orange triad is my go to multi

looks like a great cycle. , im also going to be watching. …this one. good luck my ffiend and SMASH. IT. VIKING POWER. , ODID THOR. , :slight_smile:

I have found that Parabolan works best for bulking out of options for tren. That’s of course if you can get tren hex and it isn’t tren e . Not a big fan of Tren e and ace hits so hard that bulking with it can be a challenge. I am sure you have had good results with what the compounds you chose. Sustaton is definitely my favorite for bulking. I don’t run it that high though . 1,250mg is my limit because of sides. If you can get the food in you will get 15lbs of good solid muscle gains. Might throw in some A-bombs at the end (last 3 weeks ) to go out with a bang because the gains from test/tren will be falling off. Just a thought. Good luck . I will keep an eye on this one.

Also I gave Big Murph a tried and true bulking diet if you run into issues. I see you have a coach already. Just offering if you ever wanted it.

I posted the diet in the diet and training category.
Its a great diet I’ve only substituted some of the powder shakes for real protien but its definitely a very easy and convenient bulking diet plan and it works

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