Running Nolvadex instead of an AI can it work?

It can work definitely nolvadex or tamoxifen citrate will block estrogen from binding to receptors preventing gyno.

The negatives are that nolvadex lowers igf1 in the body plus your estrogen level won’t be controlled which causes serious problems to your cardiovascular system if estrogen is high or low and high e2 effects different things and low e2 effects other things

I always reccomend getting blood work everyone can afford to get an e2 test done if you can afford to live this lifestyle.

Using nolvadex is fine it will work except don’t be fooled thinking that it lowers estrogen when you use it also it will be helping with your hpta the entire time if not using nor19 you might not shutdown completely.

Remember though when you use nolvadex at pct when your testosterone levels drop you will be at risk of gyno after pct depending upon how high your e2 levels climb.

This is why nolvadex is great on cycle but has its drawbacks.

I also wanted to add no nolvadex with nor19 isn’t true I have used it while running npp 2 cycles and no issues.

I believe that nolvadex and proviron are great with low aromatase cycles and should be used unless blood work shows that you need to start using an AI if you’re over 70 e2 levels bring it down please your damaging your cardiovascular system at 60 e2 levels but a increase in e2 with elevated testosterone levels is needed for growth and gains e2 is a powerful hormone when elevated with high testosterone.

Good luck and good gains brothers


Thanks for sharing this info, learn something new everyday here

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No doubt brother im glad you enjoyed it

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@Bigmurph I’ve done multiple cycle of test deca dbol past years and so forth but I recently finished up my cycle of tren ace. it’s been about 4 weeks done and all of a sudden I can feel a small lump under my right nipple . I read Raloxifene or tamoxifen is what I’m going to need …I could only get the tamoxifen and just wanted to know what your thoughts on me running the tamoxifen with some proviron on my trt ?

Tren doesn’t aromatize to estrogen. You may be having some prolactin issues. Tamoxifin is what you need for treatment estrogen in your chest. What did your cycle consist of compound and dose wise? I’m sure you already know these things as it sounds like you’ve ran a few cycles

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Right I had been using caber and arimidex during cycle I’m guessing I stopped to soon with the caber . Blood work will tell me. I’ll have to get some set up soon. I have read that pretty much I can hopefully reduce it or get rid of most of it with Raloxifene or tamoxifen if taken care in time. I was only able to obtain tamoxifen and have it coming to me soon to try and get ride of the lump . Im on trt 160mg a week . My main question would be can I run the tamoxifen with proviron acting as my ai during this process?

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Nolvadex will take care of the gyno but won’t replace an AI.


Best bet for onset gyno is actually nolvadex and arimidex says pubmed but I believe that nolvadex and aromasin plus blood work is needed.

Good read couple of links I don’t believe that they make reloxifen anymore


Cool I have everything but the nolvadex witch should be coming to me this weekend! I love how I can come on here and get my answers double checked. Even if I do know the right answer … thanks guys !!


Nolva should always be on hand IME because it works fast to stop gyno.

But…I am against using it on cycle because the evidence is that it increases SHBG.

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