Russian powerlifting champ killed in brutal street brawl (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Oh my…

Never underestimate your opponent

Never underestimate the hardness of concrete either.

Sad that a simple fist fight ends up with a dead guy

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thats sad for real. , its a hard hard world. out there. i know. …my condolences to the man and family. …

Update on this. Nationwide manhunt underway for the guys killer

They basically just need to look into everyone with that type of fight training and they will find him.
There are alot of guys that train in mixed martial arts but much less that can land 2 in a row right on the mark

pretty sad. i saw the full surveilance that was posted…took over 5 minutes just for the police to arrive after he was down…no sight of an ambulance and their seemed to be no urgency…he may have had a chance to live. if that happened here i beleive things would have been way different and he may more than likey still be alive and well…different country…different emergency procedures…very sad and unforrunate…and it happened right there on a street corner outside a cafe…how often u see a brawl happen like that here?..few seconds after that started .police would be right there 1 to two minutes later. not to mention a massive crowd of nosey people lol!

Wow! That’s so very sad.

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