SafeMoon up 20,000%! Investment worthy?

I’m not giving anyone financial advice but I’d feel bad if I didn’t tell you about this.

SafeMoon is up 20,000% in a week.

You guys may want to do some research and drop some money in.

I’m a moron. But, I think it’s worth looking into.

I just put a little money in today as it’s expected to give 1000x returns.


Worth mentioning that it’s a crypto altcoin token. So I assumed this would be the best place to post this. But if I made an error, my apologies to Bigmurph. I know he likes crypto too though!

I missed out on the Hodge coin madness but this one may take us all to the moon!

People who put in $1500 on Hodge last month are millionaires right now to put things into perspective

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Well I got all excited to look into this and downloaded Coinbase. Well guess what’s not supported by Coinbase… I guess I should have looked into this picture a bit more… but there are a few options on there that seem reasonable.

Be extremely careful with alt coins there mostly ponzi scams I don’t personally know about this coin but I stopped messing with alt coins because they rely on either bitcoin or erethium and if either goes down which is happening these coins are going to take a huge dive soon.

JUST AN OPINION sorry about the caps not meant for you brother @TBU

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Thanks brother. The app actually has links to the wallets/coin and such and portfolios to look at. You know me @Bigmurph. I didn’t invest in Bitcoin cuz I thought it was sketchy😂

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Alt coins honestly are going to start to make money soon but so many are just scams to start an alt coin you need an office an idea that you are supposedly doing and then release a white paper.
Alot of these alt coins already in place did this and stole tons of money legally. Atleast at that time it was legal to just crowd fund a project that never happens which blows me away.
There’s a company with a coin that 5yrs ago they did exactly the scam above and they never did anything but create a wallet now they released another white paper for another coin and everyone is jumping in again its crazy that they can actually run a multi million dollar scam and they just keep on going.
This is what scares me about alt coins they can completely calapse at any time and not like btc they can crash out of existence.


Thats the good and bad…btc isn’t currently regulated by “a government”… thats good…but that leaves the door open for cryptocurrency Scammers.

I’m sure uncle sugar is trying to figure out a away to regulate it.

They already have brother they passed the anti money laundering act and I believe that’s the one that has the information about the laws for taxes and how much you can spend without an ID and much more.
They also follow the blockchain and there able to follow every transaction nowadays. Even though they don’t regulate it in the sense of like an actual tradable stock they will soon enough the twins who originally created Facebook have actually filed 3x for btc to join the nasdaq and were denied all 3x but I believe that now the govt has a better control and I believe that if they file again after the last burn it will become a stock on wall street and then face regulation from the SCC.

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This one has an obscure method to buy.

So, essentially you’ve gotta buy Binance BNB and then send it to Trust Wallet where you convert it to Binance Blockchain. Then from there, you use Pancake swap to buy SafeMoon with an 12% slip.

If this all sounds crazy, it’s not on the market currently.

$800 for me 5Billion of these coins.

Back in the day, it was much harder than this to buy bitcoin. Shit was underground!

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There coping the ERC-20 protocol and trying to make BNB the protocol for binance block chain which is just binance creating there own coins and blockchain to run them on these are the types of coins I believe are straight scams brother how do you see that coin ever being adopted by anything?

They don’t actually even have a wallet yet?

I wish you the best but my opinion is that coins like this if you’re lucky to be in the run you won but they completely fall apart after release meaning they lose a ton of value.
When is this coin supposed to go live? Will it ever go live to be traded or is it just a utility token?

This is very similar with what happened with Hoge coin last month.

Very similar approach and I didn’t get in.

People who put in $4k are multi millionaires right now

I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes.

But again, it’s worth researching. Check it out.

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Can you give more details on how to buy it? Seems so confusing, im willing to risk $20 lol

Yes. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links in here but if you search safemoon on reddit or YouTube they’ll show you step by step. It’s easier than it looks!

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No links thanks brother

Would u pm the links? Don’t think that’s an issue

Email we don’t have pm

FYI I bought in a little on here and if you would have bought in at .00000004 when I posted this, you’d have 5x your money as of today.

Check it out. This will be my last mention. Not trying to sound spammy. It’s just been a good opportunity and it hit Newsweek today.

Still super early as it’s only 18 days old.

Go research and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Remember verge or research verge before diving into alt coins

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Did you get in on XRP??

I haven’t! I’ve been getting into the little shitcoins though man and I’ve made a ton of money. $24k this week.

Safemoon is wayyyyyyyy up dude. I made $20k on safemoon alone and right now, it’s at a dip but when it picks back up to .000000021 like it was last week, I’ll be around $60k off of a $1200 investment. I’m buying the dips now too.

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