SafeMoon up 20,000%! Investment worthy?

Bless you brother you do know about the story of Verge did you ever tell me that you know about it?

Side note: if you bought it at .000000004 as of today you’d have 20x your money. Last week it hit .201 so you’d have 50x your money.

$1000 would be $50k

There’s still time. You didn’t fully miss the boat yet.

Not financial advice. Just telling you what I’m doing. You can check the charts to verify.

I haven’t heard it brother!!

But there’s a big one launching tonight that you can get into the presale for and that’s where the big money is. A celebrity is endorsing the one tonight so it’ll be bananas.

Who will buy those coins from you at 60k though? You said that you are buying more is it straight from them how to cash out?

I honestly don’t get into these coins because I know better lol
I wish you the best and hope that you can cash out and do really well brother.
Coinbase won’t put 60k in your account or will they?

You don’t sell it to a person, you just convert it back to BNB

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If you look at the charts there are multi million dollar sales taking place at the moment.

Because safemoon is booming so hard, BNB went from $200 a coin now to nearly $600 a coin

I forgot that’s what you told me I couldn’t remember
I believe that BNB is definitely good if you’re able to literally just cash out like that then 100% makes sense.
I have seen this though before its pump and dump right?
I believe as long as you know when the hammer is going to drop your good because if they all dump you can get holding the ball you no longer want is this possible?
There’s not enough information on this coin I have seen the charts but what is it going to do? Will it become binance second utility coin?

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Yessir. Exactly. The shit coins have a super short life. Usually a few hours to a day. Gotta get out fast.

But safemoon is definitely a longer play. They say it’ll reach a penny at some point and if it does, if you’ve invested, we’ll all be millionaires

It’s on a dip at the moment but it’ll recover fast. They just dropped news that they’ll have their own exchange soon. Gonna be big.

After the announcement they tried to raise funds and raised half (over a million dollars) in less rhan an hour

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Binance seems to be playing the shady shuffle lol

I don’t know but with no oversight they can pump and dump there own coins. They have also said that they were hacked and a bunch of money was stolen.

I have trust issues lol
I wish you the best brother get rich or die trying

Just came back here to let y’all know that my tiny investment went to $160k tonight.

They are announcing big news in Wednesday so if you’re gonna get in, it’s probably your last chance.

Where’s it at now still that high?

Bout to check out with them funds like a rat with a Cheeto

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