Sample Cycles: Lean Mass/Cutting (Masteron/Primobolan)

Sample Cycles: Lean Mass/Cutting (Masteron/Primobolan)

These cycles are sample stack cycles put out and posted here for review. These are not a personal cycle but meant to help people new to steroids understand and see samples to follow.

Products needed: 20 mL 100 mg/mL drostanolone propionate
20 mL 100 mg/mL methenolone enanthate

All Weeks: Cholesterol Support: Lipid Stabil (3 caps/day) and Fish Oil (4g/day).

Comments: This is an effective stack for hardening, cutting, and gaining lean muscle mass. Neither agent is capable of converting to estrogen, so this cycle should significantly elevate the androgen to estrogen ratio. This may assist in the breakdown of fat tissue, enhancing muscle definition. This stack should not present significant liver toxicity, although cholesterol ratios may be significantly altered in light of reduced estrogenic activity.

1 -----200 mg/day------200 mg/day
2 -----200 mg/day------200 mg/day
3 -----200 mg/day------200 mg/day
4 -----300 mg/day------300 mg/day
5 -----300 mg/day------300 mg/day
6 -----300 mg/day------300 mg/day
7 -----300 mg/day------300 mg/day
8 -----200 mg/day------200 mg/day

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