Sample Cycles: Mass (Testosterone Cycle 1) Single Agent

Sample Cycles: Mass (Testosterone Cycle 1) Single Agent

These cycles are sample cycles put out and posted here for review. These are not a personal cycle but meant to help people new to steroids understand and see samples to follow.

Products needed: 10 mL 200 mg/L Testosterone (enanthate or cypionate)

All Weeks: Liver Support: Cholesterol Support: Lipid Stabil (3 caps/day) and Fish Oil (4g/day). Estrogen Support: tamoxifen (20-40 mg/day) or anastrozole (.5 mg/day).

Comments: This mass building cycle is likely to yield similar quantitative results as an early Dianabol cycle, but is favored over the oral for its lower cardiovascular and hepatic strain. The doses used are expected to cause mild shifts in the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio, but not the substantial changes normally seen with oral anabolic steroids. This sample cycle is likely to present the least amount of health side effects of all listed in this section.

1 -----200 mg/day
2 -----200 mg/day
3 -----300 mg/day
4 -----300 mg/day
5 -----300 mg/day
6 -----350 mg/day
7 -----350 mg/day

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