SANTA brought an early gift DBHHGH from or

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I couldn’t be any happier with @AlexYang and the services that he provides. Great shipping great cost.
If you’re interested in hgh send him a pm or email


You’re going to love those gems bro. @AlexYang has the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

Wish i had access to his stuff here

Omg looks yummy

I am planning to ship some kits to our new remailer in US as our stock, so I guess my customer service will be better, shipping will be more fast and safe for you guys.


That sounds amazing

I’ve always wanted to try some. I might have to inquire about some

@Bigmurph I was excited to see this post then realised the person is banned and post is over a year old .

Yeah were actually going to work on an archived reviews category to seperate outdated and banned sponsors

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That was some of the best gh but that guy was a huge scammer.

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