Sarms experience anyone?

Sarms experience anyone?

Do any of yall have experience with running sarms if so I’d like to hear about it. I’m on day 24 of lgd and I’m up 6lbs. But dayum it takes a lot off pep out of me I’ve noticed

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I’ve run Cardarine (GW501516) several times for 30-45 days for endurance / cardio … thought I had notice a little spike, although hard to judge SARMS effectiveness in my opinion.

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I would agree with you on determining the effectiveness

Fuck sarms, they didn’t do anywhere near what even just a test cycle did for me.


Yeah I’m kinda learning that, can’t afford making gains at the expense of feeling bogged down. Gotta stay high speed low drag, btw thanks for your service


Currently finishing a rad cycle. Don’t feel near as much lethargy as I did on lgd. But my relative dose isn’t as high. What amount of lgd are you taking. I was 20mg a day

15, I was going to stack em, but wanted to see how they felt individually

No roid, tests on Amazon… :roll_eyes:

Decently high dose I will say at that point in my lgd e I felt great and full of energy it wasn’t till about week 8 I felt down. Then again I went from 700 to 39 on my test

I’m running cardarine during pct now to help maintain muscle gained. I haven’t lost much but haven’t noticed any difference in endurance like everyone says. If there is then its minimum. But like I said I have maintained well with it.

I hear some of the younger guys at the gym talking about SARMS, and even some of the guys my age and older who can get them easier than anything else… they all love them, but I’m not sold. I’ve said it before, on this forum, show me all the years of research on them and what their long term effects will be on my body, you can’t! If you don’t know what it could possibly do to your body in 1, 5, 10, 20 years, why risk it??? You can read all the research you want on any anabolic or androgenic compound and figure out pretty quick what some of the long term effects could be, and even ways to mitigate that, but with SARMS you can’t… I liken them to all the over the counter shit I remember guys raving about 10 and 20 years ago, I won’t name any but you guys that have been around know all the junk I’m talking about… I never liked that stuff either. Use the real thing, you won’t be disappointed, just make sure you educate yourself before you do… that’s the biggest problem, no one wants to educate themselves, so they take the easy route! Sorry for the rant, just my 2c


Yeah I’ve got alot of people counting on me your probably right. I really want some gear

So go find some.

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I’m after it boss! Ordered from prestige pharma but that’s before I learned from you guys. Gotta get some gains in before hay season starts

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If you have used any AAS then go to SARMs, they aren’t shit. Now if I did SARMs before AAS? Might have a different opinion. But I tried them, and didn’t really get any positive results.


Good point probably the problem.

For me it’s been like 15 yrs, but that was anadrol and test, and I was 19 smh. So now I’m on trt at .4 eod.! Will I feel a hell of alot better on deca and higher test

I think my gains were great but nothing that would make somebody assume I was taking anything.

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On test and deca or sarms

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