Sarms news/more govt. control

Sarms news/more govt. control

I know very few here use sarms, this is more about govt control in our lives, and I wanted to pass it along…

  1. New China Export Laws (most immediate issue)

On Nov. 18 2019, China introduced new laws banning production and export of SARMs. These laws go into effect Jan, 1, 2020. No SARMs will be exported out of China as of Dec. 25, 2019. China is the only source for most companies.

Global shortages within the next few months…
Significant price increases across the industry as supplies decrease…
Lesser quality/”watering down” of product from some sellers…
Non-Chinese labs will begin producing SARMs… however read #2

  1. U.S. 2019 SARMs Control Act (most important issue)

One day later, on Nov. 19 2019, the U.S. reintroduced the SARMs Control Act , this time fixing issues with the 2018 version. When the bill passes SARMs will become Class III controlled substances (no longer IND “research” designation) and the sale of SARMs will be illegal.

Passage of the bill sometime during 2020, probably sooner than later
Acquiring SARMs will become difficult-to-impossible for buyers and sellers
US-based sellers will discontinue selling SARMs when stock runs out or when the bill becomes law, whichever comes first…


Great post man! Informative :+1:

I wanted to post the links in case anyone wanted to read more, but couldn’t figure it out, lol

Just copy and paste them from the place that you got the information. Once you copy it then just paste it into your post.

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I seen raws are being shut down too.

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