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All Reviews must be placed in proper format or they will be deleted. If something does not apply, write N/A next to the section. To write a review you will need to start here and Fill in the template and then add rating 1-10. Please include with your review blood work and product pictures if possible so that your review can be as detailed as possible. After completing your review here and posting it in the review category then you will need to get the link to your review and make a post in the sponsor or sponsors categories that relate to your review to make sure that everyone can easily find it. You can easily get the link to your review by clicking the chain links at the bottom of the post. Any questions about this can be directed to staff.
The first question is very important and it needs to be remembered that when you receive your gear that you don’t write a template review right away. If you want to write a package received review we fully support that but that belongs in the sponsors category and with pictures and a small post about what you received and if you’re happy or not. The review category is for product reviews of products that have been used. You need atleast 6-8wks before you can really review any short esters or orals.
You need 8-12wks before reviewing some longer ester products. You really want to wait as long as possible so that your review can be as detailed as possible. Were not looking for advertising reviews. If a review isn’t actually a review and is more of an advertisement at the discretion of staff we might pull your review and we will let you know that it needs to be more detailed and done better. We thank you very much for your cooperation with writing real honest reviews good or bad.
The only time a review should be done before 6wks is if there is a problem with your order or products. Then please write a review describing your situation and than contact @BIGMURPH with a link to your review to file a formal complaint.
Just copy and paste everything below or just erase all of this and then fill in the blanks with your review. Any questions can be directed to @BIGMURPH or @Semper Fi.
Thanks to everyone that writes a review
From the entire UGM staff

Below is the template to use for your review above are the instructions. Please erase the above and then fill in your review.

****This is an independent review. If you were paid or compensated in any way for the review then review needs to be titled starting with, Paid Review, sponsored review, or promo review. Example **
Sponsored review for

*Has the product been used? For how long?

*Brief description of review

*Communication & Ordering process

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

*Items ordered

*Product effectivenes and experience

*Additional commentary

*Rate with 1-10
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Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor or will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.For advertising enquiries contact [email protected] dot com.