SBL delivers in southamerica

****This is an independent review. If you were paid or compensated in any way for the review then review needs to be titled starting with, Paid Review, sponsored review, or promo review. Example **
Sponsored review for SBL

***Has the product been used? For how long?**over a year

*Brief description of reviewWell i have been using SBL for over a year differnt products, such as: masteron prop, cypionate, test mix 400, etc; but the nature of this review is about the successful landing of several packs in Santiago, Chile; where not only me but several of friens at thge gym where i work are currently using: test mix 400, sustenon, tren ace and cut mix 300…and everybody is extremely happy with the products. SBL has made great impact here where products are seriously under dosed.
SBL makes it down here in 10-12 days amazing!!!

*Communication & Ordering processspectacular

*Delivery (T/A) & Packagingfantastic

*Items orderedsustanon, test mix 400, tren ace,deca, cut mix 300

*Product effectivenes and experienceawesome…recently i did 17 weeks on test mix 400 at 600mg a week, felt awesome , strong, mantaining 10%bf i reached 80 kilos. NOw i have been 3 weeks already on TRT 200 mg cypionate, i will do 5-6 weeks and come back to the 600 mg a week; i have also added 250 mg Deca a week because of my pain in joints… ijust started with that so i will keep you posted about it

*Additional commentaryis just amazing how professional and effective SBL doctor is and manages to provide the same high quality service i experienced in the States…all the way down here

*Rate with 1-10
**Communication -**10
**Payment processing -**10
**Order processing-**10
**Delivery -**10
**Shipping packaging-**10
**Product packaging-**10
**Product effectiveness -**10+

***Would you recommend this sponsor?**YES!!! best everEduardo%20Q


Thank you for the review. I have a few of his products that I plan to start soon!


Thanks for the review bro.

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Been wanting to try his stuff… Thanks for posting

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Great reveiw bro, thanks!

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