Scammer emails

Scammer emails

There has been a trend going on lately where hackers attack a src then steal there email list then shut down there site while creating a new one that they email to everyone is the new site address claiming big promos and discounts. Then of course they take your money and no gear ever comes. I even got a email that said it was from the balkan factory and they were selling straight from the factory to the public. Which of course they don’t do. So all sorts of src email scams going around don’t get caught up.

Yeah this is a serious trend going on now. And not just on sites. But forum content too. This is why I encrypted the database. If they get into the forum database they can read all the pms, messages from sources to who bought what and for who.

There is a bitcoin scam going on twitter right now for different crypto currencies. The main developer of Monero (most anonymous coin) has a twitter handle that is Fluffypony something. Well the scammer made the same account name but used a capital i instead of the L in the name so it looks identical. Then goes and asks his followers to do a survey about monero and bitcoin. Then after the survey he offers them monero at 50% price to help promote it if they buy in bitcoin. Obviously runs off with the bitcoin.

Thats a fucked up scam but a good one

Hes made about 5k so far from what they can track

So if they can track 5000 then its around 15,000-20,000. There are some smart kids out there that sit in front of a computer all day and when they get board it gets dangerous because the things that they can do are amazing just from a keyboard.

Ok I had to add to this after 5 src’s have been attacked by ddos attacks. Be very careful if your src sends you an email wanting only btc payment or is giving a great promo all of a sudden and its a btc only promo through email.
These scams in the past 2 wks have exploded to where I know 5 src that have been effected for sure and who knows how many countless others have been hit and have hid it appropriately.

Be safe brothers

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