Scammers going after sources on websites

It seems someone is making the rounds online shutting down domain addresses like a pussy of sites selling gear. Apparently this jackass has now gone thru sources on Eroids and now I heard from one on ProM today theres is down too. What he does is report domains to the registrars for abuse and then emails them for money to keep it going.

So best thing for these people is to switch over to TOR browser and get onion sites done instead of regular sites. That way the source is secure, and an additional layer of security is there for the user. Users should be using TOR anyway to access these sites and its free and easy to use on desktop and mobile.

Check it out here if you dont already have it.

Advice to sources is find a good server admin that can setup a Onion site. To be secure there is alot more things that need to be done on the server. If you have any technical questions just ask!

I have been seeing this happening all over I’ve actually seen the email that they send and they have snitched on alot of good src and gotten there domain suspended.

If anyone finds the people doing this please hit them once really hard for me. There from india thats as much information as I was able to get

It’s great to bring up. We have to not only Police the quality but report the other shit going on too. I won’t mention the names but I received 2 pms on eroids for a SRC that has been around awhile, I used him a couple times. Everything great. I received a 60% and a BOGO offer, BTC only. I pmed back and got no response. The problem is this particular place isn’t great on communication as it is. This was a couple weeks after this SRC had a promo similar. I wonder now if anyone else got pms , I didn’t know about this and I would of fell for it. In all the years , never scammed, umm couple packs taken and such but never a complete scam. Probably used a lot of pure Wesson oil but that probably was not a bad thing when I was thinking more is best.

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