Scranton police sergeant disqualified from fitness competition for use of "anabolics"

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"A Scranton police sergeant who placed second in his age group at an international fitness competition more than a year ago has been disqualified and banned from competing for two years because he failed a drug test.

Sgt. Steve Marino, 58, gave a sample that indicated he used an “anabolic agent,” CrossFit said in a brief statement on its website. The statement did not specify which anabolic agent had been discovered. Sgt. Marino stressed Thursday he does not use steroids.
Sgt. Marino said he used an over-the-counter prohormone designed to help the body increase its natural testosterone. He did not recall the name of the substance and was not aware the substance was banned at the time. He did not intend to get a “leg up” in the competition by taking the substance, he said.

“I had a health issue at the time and I was losing some weight and strength,” Sgt. Marino said. “It’s not something I took on a regular basis.”

Police Chief Carl Graziano said that there was no indication Thursday that city policies had been violated. The chief had learned of the incident Wednesday. He declined to comment on any potential internal inquiries.
Sgt. Marino placed second in the 55-59 age group at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California, in July 2015. The sanction announced Friday voids the achievement and moves the third-place finisher, 56-year-old Canadian airline pilot Mike Heikens, to second place."

I had to laugh at that part lol. Pro-hormones… did not recall the name. Guess that excuse is fine for cops when they get busted failing a drug test :cop:

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scranton pa?

Yep. It was PA.

know the place very very welll

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