Seahawks rams push-up challenge

My son and I have bet 50 push-ups on the last wild card game. I won. He is now doubling down on this one. I have rams for 50 push-ups. Anyone want in? We can just say pick your team and if you lose you have to do 50 push-ups. If you win you get the satisfaction of watching the losers report. You have to do your push-ups shortly after the game is over. If you want raise the stakes see if there are any takers. Let’s make Max 100. You don’t have to do them all in one set but have to do them today!!!

@bigmurph @tbu @NeuroRN can you send this to the whole group??? We can continue it through the playoffs even. Maybe mix it up with sit-ups or air squats or anything without weights.


I don’t know anything about sports. Haven’t watched it in uears. Couldn’t do push ups in recliner anyways. Hahaha

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Hahaha you can do easy sit-ups in it.

Yeah I’m wore out. Been working around the house all day. Still doing hurricane florence repairs.

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I can’t send it to the whole group only sponsors are allowed through me to send things out that way

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