Second Place NPC Placing

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Hey guys
Im not a competitor so my word and my thoughts dont mean shit when it comes to competition but…

I just want your guys’ opinion on this instagram photo thats been going around the media

Tbh, the photo did trigger me a bit and then I found out the lady placed second place.
Isnt that a bit disrepectful to the other ladies?

Here’s the photo
Tell me what you think
Is this okay? Does this discredit future NPC shows?
Is this a normal occurence? (Genuinely not sure)

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@Kunt I’ve seen this too. Ok I’m a competitor and I help people lose weight and get healthy so I’ll take a stab at this. Ok first off that’s so awesome she lost all that weight it really is and I’m proud and happy for her. Now to be placed 2nd no she has no right she should be dead last. Not being mean at all. It’s not a weight loss show it’s a competition. Now granted these other girls didn’t lose a ton of weight but why punish them and reward someone that’s clearly not going to make it at the next level. I’d be pissed if it happened to me. Just being honest. But I will also say the people that make fun of this girl are peices of shit for doing that. They should encourage her.

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This is the politics @Mrusa2014 was talking about lol. This should in no way be a finisher.

Im all for a healthy change and love when people decide to lose weight to better themself

Definitely not trying to be mean and applaud the lady for her accomplishment
Just dont think it’s right for her to being placing ahead of some of the other women

Seems like politics will always be a huge factor when it comes to judging :confused:

Competition speaking she should have been last out of the girls in this picture but me speaking you line those girls up and ask which I think looks the best she would have definitely been my choice. Its not who is the most attractive its about getting ripped and having the stage look. Congrats to her but I would be pissed if I were any of those other girls. Look at how much work they have put in she looks like she through on a swim suit and decided to go to the show.
I believe that this does call into question the judging. I don’t compete but from what I do know is if I went on stage the way I look and beat out say @Fitraver or @PHD that would be crazy.

This is actually real? I mean they just did it as like a nice gesture thing to do right? She didn’t take away a quakifiying spot from another girl surely? I mean there is zero way a judge could justify that decision.

It happens, sad to say. If she placed 2nd, she had to out place 2 to do so. It is not fair to the competitors who worked their butt off and need better placement so they can move on their way in the industry. My hat is off to her because it takes courage and guts to get on stage, especially when your body is not stage ready. But it still doesn’t make it right to have someone place inappropriately. I wonder if those were the all the ones in Class A? If there were only 2 participants, she would get second automatically. Same thing when there is only one participant

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