Second Tren E Tes C cycle

This my second Tren cycle and I know less about what I thought I didn’t know than I don’t know now. What’s the recommended protocal???

Protocol?? You need to give more information. What are you looking for? What’s your goals? When seeking information try to give some detail so people can help you


I don’t even understand your post man. What are you looking for?


I’m guessing he’s writing in Danish and using a translator… happens a lot in my line of work.


Guessing here. He’s looking for how to use Tren. Pretty sure he’s using a translator. But need a better translator I think. :joy:

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Either way he gave nothing about anything


I’m 187lb 16% body fat want to get under 10% and get to 205lbs

I’m asking for advice on dosage and also what I need to be taking to keep it safe as possable. Even frequency of training

Anything I say at this point is going to be “general” and just an opinion because we don’t have any real details to go by here. That said, let me help you out a bit bro.

How many cycles have you done and what compounds have you used?

How long do you intend to run this cycle?

What do you expect to achieve on this cycle?

Are you planning on using Tren Ace, Tren E or Tren Hex?

What’s your Test dosage and what ester are you using?

What does your current nutrition plan look like?

What does your current training regiment look like?

This is some basic information we would need to get you going in the right direction. I’m not trying to be difficult but just giving your stats and your hope and dream of a desired weight and body fat tells us nothing.


Cookie cutter cycle is even all over depending upon how you react to side effects.
Start low add more if needed.

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