Security alert email scams and website scams

In the last week I have seen the amount of scams related to emails and websites really grow. I believe that it is because btc has gone up so the scammers can make easy money because some people have gained alot of btc in the past couple of weeks and have been spending there profits quicker and this makes scams easier to pull off.
Watch out for emails make sure that the email address is the correct email address that belongs to who you believe that you are talking to. I have heard about 8 people get taken this week because of email scams.

Watch out for the domain names of websites. Make sure that the website you want to be on is the correct website.

You guys have seen how these scumbags operate. They change a letter or symbol that looks really close to what the email address or domain name is supposed to be. Then they will offer a discount or a special just send bitcoin to this address and then its gone.

Please stay safe and like earlier in the week please post about any scam that might pop up so that the scammers can’t scam anyone.


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