Security flaw in 3G, 4G LTE cell networks lets hackers track phone locations

Lets be honest. Its not hackers doing the illegal tracking. Its the local police everytime…


@TrenGod wow just wow. Never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for always keep us updated

The problem is this can be fixed but they dont want to fix it. If they did then when LE does its illegal shit it always does, theyd have issues. So its always a “waiting” game for them to fix later and they never too. The general public is ok with being monitored 24/7 and thats alot of the problems.

Good stuff @TrenGod. Security is essential in this game. That being said, does anyone use VPN? If so, which one? I use Surf Easy, but there are better ones apparently.

I use 3 different services. But I always recommend NordVPN. They offer double VPNs and VPN over Tor as well.

If your going to with installing on a router then BlackVPN is the way to go. They have a great uptime and fast speeds as well.

Pay every 3 months and change accounts every 3 months as well. New emails, new accounts for the VPNs. Dont get tied into the same one over and over even if the same services.


Awesome. I have looked at Nord VPN, and even tho it costs some money, its probably better than the limited, free VPNs (like Surf Easy, which has both free and limited, and a monthly to annual plan).

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Yeah quality of the vpn is important to me. reliability. I use it 24/7 on my phone and router. I cant notice a speed difference at all 99% of the time. But the extra layer of security is worth it.

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Cool. Ill be getting it soon hopefully. I can only run Surf Easy once in awhile bc the data gets eaten up quick on the free program

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