Serious Goals+Serious Effort=Serious Results

What’s Up?! I’m super excited to get connected with you guys and put it out there what I’m doing and how progress is happening. This here is going to be a contiunation of my current grow cycle log. So lets me give you some quick background on what ive been doing and how things are going. I’m running exlusively Dutch Pharm gear and my stack includes Test E 250, Decca, EQ400, Tren E, Test base (on weak days), and Adex.

When I started this cycle my stats were as follows:
Weight: 235
Height 5’-10 1/2"
BF: between 10 and 12%
Goal: Major Physical changes to upper body while keeping decent lines (not get above 15-18%BF)

So as of last Thursday I am up to 250LBS and i’m still in the 13-15 BF range. (visable abs outline in the AM. I’m starting this current log 7 1/2 weeks (not quite 1/2 way) into my cycle. Follow along guys cuz this is going really great and you might catch something new to try in your own training. But do take heed that the basics are staples for me. Simple technique and Hard Serious Effort is huge in getting the kind of results I’m looking for.


Here was my back Day from yesterday:

Big Back Day- And It was epic

Smith mahchine rows dead stop
4x8 then 3 drop sets
worked up to 315 and did my 4 sets there (Massive lat pump already)

superset with one arm cable rows 4x8
35.5x4 sets

Narrow Grip lat Pulldowns 4x10
200,220,240,260------ I’ve noticed my pulldown #'s are skyrocketing

Barbell Shrug Deadlift- Pulled from floor - did one deadlift and then 3 shrugs (6 deads and 18 shrugs= 1 set)
4 sets at 225

Then set a 5min timer. went up to 275lbs and did 1 dead followed by 1 shrug and sit down. waited 10 seconds and did it again…repeated until timer went off (I wanted to puke)

Hyperextentions- 1 set to failure

standing calve raise
3 drop sets starting at 315

seated calve raise 4x10
225x4 sets


Chest and Delts Today!

Chest and Delts:

Rotator Cuff warm-up

Dumbbell incline press 3x8
warmed up with 50’s and then 70’s then hit the working sets at 80’s,100’s,120’s (amazingly these went up really easy and so i busted out 12 reps on the last set)

Incline Barbell Press 5x5

Machine Chest Press 4x8

Stretch pushups 3x20

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x12
35’s, 40’s, 45’s

cage press

Dumbbell rear delt raises 3x 15

Dumbbell lateral raises (light) w/ 3 sec squeezes
15’s x 4 sets



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Right on man sounds like you’re making some serious physical changes already.

How are the side effects, if any?

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Thank you!

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No sides… can you believe that?! i’ve had a little PIP cuz i’ve been breaking my dosing up to almost ED, but other than that…not a thing. I’ve had major problems with acne and stuff in the past with other brands, but I’m having no issues ever since I started using Dutch.

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That’s awesome. Looks like you’re killing it already. Have you run many cycles previously?

Yes a few. But with very poor knowledge I ran simple test only, or test and decca only cycles at very conservative amounts for about 3 years off and on (but still took on the terrible side effects). Over the last 3 years though, with the guidance of my coach and relentless research , also a little trial and error, I’ve had much better results. I’ve got to add though that this includes the way I diet with the gear. I’ve been using Dutch now exclusively for about 2 years now and things have been great.

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Right on I’ll be checking your log.

Curious how much time elapsed between the start of your cycle at 235 and your current body weight of 250?

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6 weeks

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I also have to add that this is coming off a show I did the last weekend in July where I weighed in at 205 between 4-5%BF

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Damn sounds like you’re dialed right in. Good to have you here.

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I really appreciate that. I’ve been hanging around on a couple other boards and was directed to get in here and check this one out. So far I like what I’m seein.


Welcome to ugmuscle brother this is basically your introduction and log.

Glad to have you around look forward to following your log


Following :grin: :+1:

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I totally just found out that I messed up where I was supposed to put this. Is there any way to move this log under Dutch’s sub category?

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I’ve only been on the forums for a few weeks and this is by far filled with the most knowledgeable people who are also strangely kind hearted. Seems like a lot of rude people on the internet, so it’s almost weird how cordial the people seem on UGmuscle. They really seem to build each other up, instead of shitting on each other like most seem to.

I’m at a much lower level than you, and just started my first cycle log, so if you’re ever bored and wanna check it out, any input would be greatly appreciated


I got you

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Got your link posted up for you in the contest

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