Serious Goals+Serious Effort=Serious Results

Hey I appreciate that so much… but… I’m not in the contest…I was just supposed to post generally in their sub… can you move me there? I’m so sorry to be a bother.

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For sure man. Where’s it at? Also, the admin is helping me move this log over to Dutch’s sub catagory.

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Ok I’ll check that section to check back up on you, but I should be notified anyway.

I’m just in training and diet logs. The more knowledgeable folks such as yourself checking it, the better my chances of not messing anything up, haha

So I figured that you were going to be part of Dutch’s contest. If you’re going to be running a log it needs to be posted here because your a member and not a rep or sponsored athlete.
I can take your post out of the contest but this is the place for members logs.

My bad man… I was just trying to get to where dutch had instructed me to keep my logs. I appreciate your help.

Welcome aboard!

No problem at all brother just let me know if you need anything. Welcome to ugmuscle


Impressive numbers my friend :ok_hand:

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Yes, we know this guy. He is a valued customer and national competitor running Dutch products. Glad you are here!


Up Another LB from last week


251 big number bro :+1: :muscle:

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Welcome bud

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Arm Day- Threw in some test base and went to town

Tricep rope pushdowns 4x12
then 4 set did 80 for 7, 50 for 4, and 35 for 4

Body Master Overhead Tricep Extention 4x10

Single Arm Tricep Cable Extension 4x10

Dumbbell curls extemely slow eccentric (about 5 seconds) 4x8

Barbell half rep bicep curls 5 sec negative (I was really struggling with these)
80, 90,70,70

Single Arm Preacher Curls w/ slow negatives 3x8

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Current Fluffy Situation


Looking good bro!!

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Your looking good and putting up good numbers.
Keep killing it brother
Your log is great I look forward to following.

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Leg Day! Love leg day and today had me pumped and walkin all kinds of funny by the end.

Stiff Leg Dead lifts 5x6

Leg Press 4x8
12 Plates
14 Plates
16 Plates
18 Plates

Squats: 3x20

Ham Killers 4xfail

Seated Leg curls 3x15
120 x all 3 sets

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How do you spend your REST DAY? Mine was spent getting a deep tissue massage and cooking up my food for the next few days.


Killing it! Looking great. Legs are crazy

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My Back is TORN UP!

Back Day:

Meadows Rows worked up to 110 lbs and then did 6 working sets of 8 there

One Arm barbell rows 5x6
3 25lb plates on bar

Face-pulls 4x12 trap focus
65.5x4 sets

Barbell row 4x8 lighter with the focus on driving elbows back and getting blood in lats
175 x 4 sets

Hammer Strength plate loaded ISO High Rows
(Worked up by 25’s on each side until had 4 full plates and a 25 on each side (Max Intensity on last 4 sets)

Super-set W/

Dumbbell pullovers with a 65lb dumbbell. I wanna say it was around 8-9 sets but I lost count

Hyper extensions 3 sets to failure

Standing Calve raises 8x8
315 x 8 sets

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