Serious replies only

Serious replies only

how do you help a friend addicted to heroin? does anyone have experience with tips on withdrawal or getting someone into rehab. they want to get better and came to me for help.


Man that is tough. If they came to you and asked for help, obviously they realize they need it. I would start by looking into what rehab programs are near by and go from there. I know around here all the hospitals have substance abuse programs where you can check yourself in, or others can have you admitted. I know some people who’ve gone through them and most of them were successful. Where I’m from it’s meth more than heroine or opioids… either way, it’s all nasty and terrible to watch someone you care about go through it

Find a local inpatient, and in the mean time Find NA/AA meeting for them to get to for support, also it would be best to have a sober person with them at all times while searching for solutions, they may want help, but they will just as easily stray back to drugs during the help process.


Yes fuck rehab but get him to a doctor who will get him suboxone.
It saved my life brother. I have been through so many rehabs never did anything but heroin is a strong drug with a strong grip on the user suboxone is made with buprenorphine and naloxone and when you take it the buprenorphine makes sure you don’t get sick and the naloxone makes sure you don’t get high.
After a few months you build what’s called a buprenorphine blockade which stops any opioids from bonding to the receptors so even if they relapse they can’t get high.
This is the cheapest and best way to get your life back from being a slave to opioid addiction.

If you have questions let me know


Sorry I didn’t realize that they are open to rehab I would put them in rehab but also find an addiction doctor who can prescribe buprenorphine in most states they need a special license to prescribe it

Suboxone wasn’t around when I got clean, I spent almost 3 years on methadone. It saved my life, for me I was able to use a medication that curbed my addiction long term while I got my life back together. It takes time, support and dedication. You should recommend a medicated therapy like methadone or suboxone, they work. It’s a hard life your friend is living, don’t give up, I’ve been clean almost 12 years and it never completely goes away, but it gets easier. One day at a time brother.

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i was trying to find an outpatient type of doc to take him to to get suboxone. trying to tell him listen to music and do things that make you feel feelings. the drug makes you dead inside when you try to stop and then search for a doctor near you and it will give you your choices.

Its the worst sickness ever you will feel like you are dying after 8hrs and then goes on forever. I still wake up some mourning wanting opioids ive got 8yrs now basically more or less clean.

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I’m sorry but you can get high off Suboxone my mom does


I hear about suboxone all the time doctors leave patients on that shit WAY to long, then their addicted to the suboxone, it’s all BIG PHARMA making money just like I hear people talk about on here all the time.

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Agree with bigmurph Suboxone has helped many. Wishing you and that person the best. I’m a recovered meth head , I used to be 123 lbs, meth was life. I had to want to change until then, in all fairness, there was nothing anyone could do
Besides support me and not give up hope, they also had to cut me off in order to stop enabling my addition. 13 years of addiction, before I woke up. Just my honest Input brother. You can’t save them only they can, you can help but don’t get sucked into the vicious cycle of being a pawn


My brother is dealing with opioid addiction and alcoholism. He is just now starting to be able to be human again. I think Bigmurph offered some good advice. He needs intensive inpatient rehab…and one not super close to home. My brother would go to local ones but would just walk out and leave. He finally wouldn’t agree to go at all anymore so Several of us family members split the cost and hired an interventionist and with his kids in the room he went to one 400 mile from home He still struggles but I have him back in the gym and hes seemed to find a new focus and it helps. If your friend is willing to go to rehab capitalize on that quickly! That seems to be a narrow window from my experience> Best of luck bro…to you and your friend!


Your mom thinks that she gets high off suboxone because buprenorphine blockade doesn’t allow it im just saying its basically a placebo effect unless she is taking buprenorphine without naloxone added they do have that also

It floods your dopamine receptors, like most drugs.

Don’t believe that propaganda brother there trying to make it sound horrible and they have for years but honestly there wouldn’t be a 20yr old opioid epidemic if they allowed all doctors to prescribe medications like suboxone.
They just released a month long shot of buprenorphine and naloxone so that the patients don’t have a bunch of pills in there posession.

In the time I used suboxone and get clean I watched so many people die because they couldn’t get access to the medication. It shouldn’t be that way if there’s a way to get people clean just because its a medication every one looks down on it but in reality addiction is a disease that needs medication to treat it just my opinion brother. Im sorry to hear about anyone who has a family member involved in addiction.
My mother is actually still hooked on painkillers she is a functioning addict but its still sucks to see my mom like that

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Ok it worked for you, but not everyone,you still get dependent on it, and it’s in the doctors hands for the patient to have limits,you had a good outcome,some are bad, an addict will abuse anything, and will find ways to abuse what there given, I don’t read to much propaganda, I’m relating to what I’ve seen happen, like you are.

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And if you think I am someone that reads propaganda and then talks outta my ass, I apologize for comin off like that, you know I’m military, and I know all about propaganda that media and people fall for.

No doubt then like I was saying this injectable version that they just released if it works is going to be widespread used across the USA and possibly other countries that right now are actually to the point where they just started to prescribe heroin to there patients.
Instead of methadone clinics in alot of other countries just prescribing heroin it has been working but in my opinion they shouldn’t be giving an addict there drug of choice.

My thing that I really like about suboxone compared to all other treatments is the buprenorphine blockade.
I got into a motorcycle accident awhile back I don’t know if you remember but they hit me with 2mg of demerol on site and when I got to the hospital the doctor called for another 2mg I had to stop them and told them about my buprenorphine blockade because they can actually by accident overdose you because they believe that you have a tolerance when you just have your receptors blocked.


Yes it is great that they can’t get high on opioids while using it,but they probably will replace it with something else, it’s almost like they need a baby sitter for awhile.

I didn’t mean it like that brother I was just saying that the addiction people want the addiction to continue so they make money but if there’s a drug that can get many many people clean they just say its the devil lol
Kinda like refer madness and marijuana

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