Sharing Spreadsheets

I’m a spreadsheet guy. A lot of topics that I have coming up will involve a number of diet logs, calculators, and workout logs in spreadsheets. Heck, I have a reply to a thread sitting in draft at the moment, wanting to share a spreadsheet.

Now I know links are not allowed, so I can’t post google docs, and I am more in favor of uploading raw files for archiving purposes anyway. But aside from opinions, what is the protocol for sharing spreadsheets?


You can post your spreadsheets brother it would be best as pictures links we do try to stay away from because it leads to problems.

This sounds great bottom right corner in the reply window will allow you to upload pictures and files.
If you have issues tag me in @Bigmurph and I will try to help.

You should start a log in members logs if that’s the plan to keep a log?
If you’re interested in joining member of the month contest which is happening and then you would want to post New Topics but they can’t be your workout in a new topic everyday you can though definitely write informative new topics and include spreadsheets and other information that relates to our lifestyle.

If you have any questions just let me know brother

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So, I’m interested in uploading an .ods file but the uploads is restricted to “jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mov, mp4, mpeg, mov, mp4” Part of where my first issue hit on a reply. But if that is not possible, I can export pictures, or come up with some alternative forum markup. Just thought I’d ask.

Maybe some months into the future I’ll join the contest. I’m mostly just sharing knowledge and wanting to start conversation. My thread on my hospital visit will be my continued log, and I’ll just update the title accordingly once I have more updates to provide. And I promise I won’t clutter the forum :smiley:

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Yeah you can only upload those types of files.
There’s no changing that part brother.

Don’t worry about this lol I welcome your posts im very interested in what you’re actually planning on posting you have definitely got my attention.

The contest works with New Topics if you’re not interested in the contest that’s not a problem im even more curious though about what you are going to post


I’ve had a huge project the past year at work… using spreadsheets. We call it “excel hell”


But in perspective of a software developer, it’s the first step to automation. I’ve seen so many businesses fail cause they want to jump right into building some internal software tool way before they have a process established. While the ones who succeed in developing internal tooling, typically have a paper, or spreadsheet process in place already, and are hitting scaling issues because of the lack of automation. Software itself though, has it’s same set of issues in it’s recent culture, no one can agree on standards lol.

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