Shipments delayed or stopped from certain countries

Shipments delayed or stopped from certain countries

Just FYI, shipments from certain countries have ceased as they have closed air ports, some are delayed, if anyone wants a list let me know, everything else going as normal, designated as an essential business so won’t be shutting down at all, so no worries on not getting packages.

Just thought I’d let all you guys and gals know!

Stay safe!


I would like a list.

Kuwait, Moldova, Norway, Peru have suspended mail.

Estonia, Latvia, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain…these countries have major delays and may suspend outgoing/incoming operations

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Any word on China?

So far not shutting down, no delays reported.

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What about Russia?

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No issues that were reported to us.


France just accepting urgent packages to help with confinement and supplies.
Honduras is completely suspended.
Kazakhstan suspended all shipments to the United States and most of the world.
Saudi Arabia has suspended shipments for 2 weeks.
Denmark is still sending mail to the u.s. and Canada.
Grenada is shut down.
Nepal no mail coming out.
Sweden able to send to the European Union, United States and Canada.
Russia has stated it cannot guarantee the quality of service at this time.

Domestic mail/packages are flowing well, seen an uptick in volumes, but nothing that is crippling delivery or processing.


Much appreciated for the heads up

Hey brotha you got any word on Singapore?

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I’ll take a look what’s going on there.

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Because of limited flights there are severe delays on outbound mail.

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I ordered meds from India weeks ago but they still are unable to ship them.


Botswana suspended all service.
Fiji has suspended international service.
Greece has a limited capacity and nothing inbound to U.S.
Japan has suspended international service.
Serbia suspended international service.
Thailand is severely limited, and cannot guarantee service at this time.
Turkey has severe delays.

India is currently suspended, just came out overnight, postal service is no longer able to accept packages/mail destined to India.

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Thanks man

Same boat as you brotha, items I got they had in both India and Singapore warehouses, the rep told me to go with Singapore, but in all reality it’s a crap shoot, going on week 3, but it’s all good I’m sure it’ll arrive even if it’s months down the road

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I get my blood pressure meds from India. I hope they gets things going again before too long. I don’t go to doctors unless I’m dying.

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Lol I’m the same way my man

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Hell I’m just glad the telemarketers have stopped from over there :joy:

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