Shirts hoodies tanks,ladies tanks

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So im going to get the products going but I need to know if you guys and gals like the design and colors.
Also for the girls I didn’t really know what to get because I don’t wear it so I picked the tank I feel that I see most ladies wearing in the gym they have the sports bras sleeveless shirts and so on so tell me what you would want.
Also please don’t just say that they look cool let me know would you spend 30$ for a shirt because that’s what they cost the hoodies are around 40$ tank tops are just under 30$. They’re expensive where not trying to make money we want everyone to just wear some gear. We will give away some in contests but the rest will need to be purchased.

Here are the designs let me know be honest please. Im the one that designed these and yes our logo is trademarked.

Everyone let me know what you think

sorry, cant picture myself rocking a shirt promoting a steroid forum.

if it was an " inside" thing, without a link to our steroid forum, then sure.

I like the black and green t shirt! I would definitely buy it. I just wouldn’t like the link on it, like @Burrr said.

So take off the

So take off the

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Yea brother, I would just prefer it that way. The shirt is dope!

I would take off the!! The rest rocks!!! I love the hoodie!

Im going to pull the off of them and start purchasing some

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Looks good, too busy though so the link should come off. Does anyone think the insignia is too big? I would like it a little smaller. Just a couple inches, especially on a hoodie. But, hey I’ve ñever been labeled a fashion expert!

We were actually just talking about that me and tren were going to change alot about it. Those are the prototypes tren has some great ideas. I’ve never been very creative lol

Great ideas!
Id purchase it and support the fam!

We’re making a more intricate design there going to be really great imo.
We will be giving them out in contests and they will be available for purchase from tanks to t shirts to hoodies


Excellent!!! I love shopping!!!

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