Should I Do a cut once a year even if I'm trying to bulk?

So I have a question.

Do I need to do a cut at least once a year to increase insulin sensitivity?

I am somewhat of a hard gainer and it takes a lot for me to gain. Right now I am 235 and am trying to get to about 260 to 270. I have somewhat plateaus in gains so I was consulting you guys. I do eat around 5000 cats a day with high protein and carbs.

When I do.cut I loose very easy and very fast to it makes me nervous to do a cut knowing I want to gain. But if it’s necessary in the long term to increase insulin sensitivity in order to get me over that plateau I will do it.

Can I get some thoughts? Thanks!


A cut isn’t necessary just adjust your diet to make sure that you don’t get fat while bulking.
AAS plus working out usually make it hard to gain and easy to lose so I would stick with your goal and once you reach it then adjust your diet to bring yourself to the BF% that you want.


If you’re at the 5000 cal mark, a simple switch to Maintnence calories a couple times a year for a couple weeks always helped save my sanity.

Just a couple weeks here and there, when I didn’t have to force feed myself and think about food 24/7.

I never did it for the insulin sensitivity but more so for a break.


What those guys said.


Your a hard gainer at 235 that’s a rare occurrence, consider it blessing, that’s better then someone like me a"hard gainer" at 190


If you have hit a plateau brother switch up your training regimen. I bet you do the same thing over and over?
If not and you do regularly switch up your routine then its your diet.
If you are burning all of your macros this can definitely be the reason especially when enhanced. Try upping your diet possibly lower your diet depending upon different variables but only you know which one is the reason :wink:


Yeah how tall are you again

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6 even

I figured you’d understand where I’m coming from @Dirtnasty

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I’m sorry I was asking him.

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Dam it thanks for making me look dumb


And I’ve been of no help to @GetSwole


I think people look best on a good maintained diet during a bulking cycle. You can look big and hard as fuck with npp or deca

I think I lol decent with added 40 but I’m not a normal person

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Your whole cycle depends on your diet you can cut on dbol I just don’t reccomend it lol

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Hell it looked like in was
Cutting on dbol for a

If your interested in insulin sensitivty buy a glucose monitor from walmart or amazon like $20. Then if you get over 100, lower carbs for 2 weeks. Test fasted when you wake up, do it weekly for example on sunday.

I have no experience but I have heard lots of pro bodybuilders talk about “the rebound”… basically by going into a deficit for a period of time and cutting you prime your body to gain weight and good size once you reintroduce calories… but like I said I’m just relaying what I’ve heard. Probably a bit of bro science. But bro science has done me pretty well lol

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Yep I’ve heard meadows say that even if not doing a show it’s
Great to do a faux prep
Just for that reason


I’m 6’2"

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