Should you really run HCG on TRT or on cycle?

Should you really run HCG on TRT or on cycle?

I hear a lot of people say to run HCG while on TRT or on cycle. For reasons such as maintaining function and sperm production. But from my understanding, your body desensitizes from HCG, unlike testosterone. Wouldn’t you be better off not running HCG if you actually want to get the testicles going and sperm production for fertility since you risk desensitization?

“ In men, hCG acts like luteinizing hormone (LH). LH stimulates Leydig cells in the testicles, which results in the production of testosterone. LH also stimulates production of sperm within structures in the testicles called seminiferous tubules.”

The way I look at is like this- do you care if have small balls? Do you care to have kids? If you answer “no” to both, HCG isn’t really needed.

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But should someone run HCG even when they don’t want to have kids at the moment but in the future as it seems your body desensitizes from HCG. That is the question.

Definitely run HCG if you want kids in the future or want to avoid testicular atrophy, not fun to deal with. It’s a strange feeling when you’re in the middle of a good lay and one of your jewels disappears from your sac and reappears somewhere by your belly button… maybe not that high up but it’s a strange feeling for sure.

If you’re off a cycle use clomid instead to kickstart the system. If it’s TRT, which dosing indefinitely(no breaks), then HCG. Increase adex if using HCG with TRT.

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“Kids are obnoxious,dirt-traps sent to drain wallets and ones personal time.”


If you’re looking to have kids down the line, yes, run HCG.

Ha Ha, I definitely wouldn’t pay a ransom!

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Yeah right

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It takes a good amount of hcg to make the body desensitize to it but it does happen and me personally im not interested in hcg at all ran it in the past to retain more of my gains it helped a bit twice.
If you’re worried about desensitization then don’t run hcg until you need it but besides that I would only use it if its going to help your goals.

You also have HMG that you can use

Yep they are the destroyers of worlds, but ironically you’d kill for them

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Without a doubt buddy.

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I used a lot of gear and i meen a lot of and i used hcg 500iu per week all the time that i was on gear sometimes for like 1year ful blown… yes i did make a boy on gear but now i dont feel hcg anymore when i am off for like 6months… only clomid aswaganda and so on…working on 2 baby…

So use hcg only when u need it no need to use it all the time on the gear a lot of people use it like this:

30weeks gear use last 4 weeks adding hcg and using it for more 4 weeks when off 8 totaly on hardcore usage.

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Ok so this exact thing happened to me today. Should I do more hcg right now while on cycle or what? Running 500iu weekly right now.

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