Shout out to GC and great service!

I just want to give credit where it’s due. I couldn’t remember if pictures are allowed or not, but I figure the kind words are necessary. I’ve been using GC for a couple years now, mostly small/medium sized orders, and everything has been spot on. The past 2 months, I’ve made 2 very large orders and they were beyond top notch. Communication was fast, GC made me feel comfortable even though the value was high. Everything arrived extremely fast and couldn’t ask for better.

So, thank you @GearChurch and @Ldog. Appreciate what you do for sure!


I like them


I personally don’t use anyone else. Myself and a couple of my local friends have been using his stuff for a few years now and we have always been pleased.


I’m hoping tomorrow is my Td. I’m off work so I May have to dabble in the double base if it comes.

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Thanks for the love Jonathan. Get on deck and hold the charging handle to the rear. Do it now move.

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Please let us know. Your in for a treat.

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