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So I want to start with a shout out to SRX. Current program is 250mg Sust twice a week plus (cut mix)100mg of tren A, mast p, and test p EOD. Have armidex on hand in case. Will run the sust for 10 weeks and the cut mix for 6 weeks. I am on TRT so there won’t be a need for PCT. any feedback would be much appreciated.


I think its a solid plan with the sust and cut mix lots of esters that’s for sure lol
You will get 800mg of test a wk
300mg of test p, tren ace, and the mast p will really be a great addition.
I believe that this will definitely get you mass with a solid diet and training.

I was curious you said you are going to run cut mix 6wks and sust for 10wks do you plan on starting the cut mix day one or wait and finish with the cut mix?


I am going to start week 5 with the cut mix. The first 4 weeks I want my gains to be small. I want to give my body/muscles time to get use to the heavier training. By week 5 I think my body will be ready for the boost the cut mix will provide. I was worried if I front loaded everything at the beginning, it would be to fast and could risk injury. Thoughts?


I agree completely actually I was going to say finish with the cut mix it will allow the sust 4wks to get going and then boom the icing on the cake comes in I believe that its set up great that way.

Are you running a deficit or are you going to clean bulk?

Since my goal is not to increase mass and to stay around 205 -210 I will be running a small deficit to focus on steady fat burn and lean muscle increase. Would like to get my BFP down from 20% to about 13 - 15%.


I can’t wait to see or hear about your progress. I don’t know if you are comfortable posting pics but I imagine that you are already looking good just going to polish it up a bit right lol

The andro mix or cut mix is an amazing blend probably the best way to run any compounds.
Test, nor19, and a DHT or DHB. It seems like a great formula and adding sust I usually hate sust but they way your using it I believe that its going to work out great because the test deconate is going to last awhile in your system which will help once you cut out the trenbolone. Your also on trt so you will level out nicely.

We are about the same size and have about the same goals.

Are you going to keep a log?

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Sounds good to me @Uglyman101 I am also using his compounds


Awesome man thanks for the feedback! Only thing I would recommend is to have some caber or prami on hand brotha for any prolactin issues that may arise from the tren a. At 300mgs a week you might not even need it but it’s better to be prepared IMHO . Definitely keep us updated on your progress brotha, with a clean diet you should see changes daily in your physique running cut mix. Also try not to hop on scale to often and go by what you see in the mirror, the scale can be a real mind fuck especially during cut or maintenance just my 2 cents. Goodluck bro :v:


I didn’t work today @Raphael3636 AND randomly hopped on scale…dam it and I’m way fuckin behind on cals

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Lol see brotha… That shit is the devil, your weight can fluctuate ±10lbs a day so during a cut if your up 10lbs automatically you start looking at what you need to do to drop those 10 vanity/water pounds, and that can through your whole regime into a whirlwind of ups and downs

Hey guys, been busy at work but not busy to keep me away from the gym. Making good gains so far. Will post a pic every 4 weeks and I am just stating week 3.


That sounds great would you like me to make this your log? @Uglyman101



I made this your members log.


Hows your training?

It’s going great. Thanks for asking. Tren in full swing so night sweats, shortness of breath when training are annoying but overall, satisfied with how things are going. Dropping fat and putting on lean muscle. Progress pics will be coming shortly. Have a great day all!


I look forward to seeing them brother

Can’t figure out how to post pics from my phone. Keep getting error message

When you pick a picture. Reduce its size. You should see that option on the picture right before you post it.

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