Shreveport Police Officers Linked to Steroid-Dealing Gym Owner

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Sadly I’ve actually heard this story a few months ago. There were a lot of people busted on this one.

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It’s funny that marijuana is becoming legal, but it’s not ok to take hormones our body already makes or for appearance/athletic purposes. But it’s ok to take them if you want to be the other sex…

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Yeah completely retarded. It’s all about control. As said earlier in the week I’d much rather have firefighters and cops all roided out and fit than. Fat and useless.


It’s strange here, my friend here in the U.S. is law enforcement and he says most departments do not give you time on shift to workout. He also stated how due to low pay, working side jobs and juggling life and family, it’s almost impossible to train.
Let alone train in the gym, then a fighting style and still earn money. I give much respect to most of them.

I agree, it’s about control, I wish we had same freedoms you Americans do back home.

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