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Ok off topic but I know someone here has to be computer literate I’m not I want to learn to read code and rewrite code? Mainly dll files and Authenticator stuff for the programs update management software for programs license validation and back door stuff hidden in programs not for using to hack people or profit from it. For personal use on my own computer
I know python java cc+ or something like that are need to know what else should I study like maybe a list in order
Proficient in Math algorithms ect
Windows registry
Windows command
Virtual machine/sandbox
There are a ton of languages can you learn a few and use them for all?
And torrents and iso files what is the skinny on best programs I have
Win 10
Python 3.8
Vm workstation
Daemon tools lite


I’d start with an easy language to learn the concept of coding. IE: Visual Basic.
Most Windows apps are written in C+.
I can read code fairly easy, and i hate math. Coding to me is just a logical sequence.
(if this, then that)
And definitely learn Windows, inside out.


I write a lot of code professionally. Most of the programmers I know have degrees in computer science. However, some very successful ones are self-taught. You can download Microsoft’s Visual Studio Community Edition and that provides you an entire Integrated Development Environment for free. VS supports C#, Visual Basic, C++, and a host of other languages. It will let you program your Windows box, Phones, TVs, etc. It is pretty easy to get started. “Hello World”
As far as languages, they ALL must support three control structures:

  1. Sequence. execute one line at a time
  2. Selection. If this is <= that then do something, else do something different.
  3. Iteration. Do something a definitive number of times (looping).

Understand the theory behind those control structures and the mechanics of each language is just a matter of syntax. You could start with some variant on the C language (C#). C and java are quite similar so if you learn one you pretty much learn the other.
As far as reverse engineering .dll files and like, I know it can be done but it takes some very specialized software. The other term for it is: de-compiling.


I’m really bad at teaching or giving advise on this stuff. But you know, I might have some amusing things to say.

Proficiency in math and algorithms, not required :smiley: I can say that from experience.

When it comes to learning your first language. Honestly, I feel it really comes down to what is your objective, and what will hold your interest. I’ve had friends, who I thought were dumb as nails, learn C++ all because they had a strong will to learn game development. This is without any prior knowledge of any coding, programming, or how computers generally worked.

Also don’t worry about knowing everything, cause in the world of programming, you will never know everything, and there will always be room for improvement.

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They make software to speed it along but you still have to read it understand what it’s doing and rewrite it to do something else or change something to fool it like registry or license file ect or patch to remove time bomb or back door Authenticator I have no idea what I am doing but I have managed to fool a few what I want most is a way to remove or see rar file password I know there are cracks and programs to guess but they just don’t work anymore
Unless password is simple they used to make rippers that would literally snatch it out and you could use unrar the clipboard thing no good either on most

rar passwords are cryptography, like password encryption. So you’d have to bruteforce the password. There is no way to remove the security block and have readable data.

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If looking up porn is a computer skill ok your man! Lol


You could always check out skillshare!
Lots of people out there that offer ‘lessons’…

Used to have computer named porn machine made it weird when I let gf use it



Thats what makes me mad I can hack porn logins all day but I can’t break a rar file what happened to the good ole days when you could just snatch it out
I have brute forced rar files to death with ten different programs

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