Similar to Dbol

What’s similar to d-bol for as strength gains (and not anavar) without all the water weight ?


If your looking for strength halo and Anadrol are good but way more toxic.


Tbol is called baby dbol…

For me it had zero sides @50mg pwo except my labs were askew so I quite it.

Strength went up along with recuperation.

Fyi I ised to be a hyper responder to dbol… water retention was way up there. I didn’t get it with tbol.


Supetdrol.Halo as already stated,I love using halo as pwo.


Anadrol, my personal favorite. If you eat sloppy you’ll gain a lot of water but if you eat clean it all goes inside the muscles, Anadrol is a DHT derivative so you can even use it precontest to spare muscle and look big and full, I get better strength grains from Anadrol than I do from dbol,


Never tried halo. I should get some and try it out

It’s roid rage in a pill. I’ve never ran it extendedlj but use pwo. That’s only for heavy lifting days. Pretty pricy and super toxic

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I don’t need toxic. I’ve poisoned myself enough over the years.

Yeah it’s best used for heavy lifting days or towards the end of comp prep as it will harden you the fick up. I mixed it and mtren a few times. Before the gym and we’ll I wanted to kill people for using the squat rack so now it’s one or other and maybe anadrol haha

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Although I had cop pull behind me
On halo and anadrol and if he pulled me over I was ready to fight. So maybe not best combo either haha


Ya. They would probably shoot you. Nothing more dangerous then a scared cop. Back in my glory years I had two cops jump
Me and pepper spray me and gave me bogus resisting charges cause they were young puny cops that were afraid of me. I honestly didn’t do anything wrong. The neighbor called them cause my truck was running and I was passed out in it. But on a private drive so there was no dui.