Simple PCT layouts by a PhD With citations

Cut to the chase as most folks won’t read. Everyone likes to just jump in and go for it.

Dr Michael Scally PCT

STARTS 2 weeks after cycle ends

hCG at 2000iu eod for 20 days
Nolva at 40mg split am/pm for 45 days
Clomid at 100mg split am/pm for 45 days

Thats a basic 6 week protocol.


Medically Reviewed by William Llewellyn, written by Dan Chaiet

1-2 hCG at 100-1500iu every 2 days
1-2 Aromasin 25mg per day
1-2 Nolva 40mg per day
3-6 nolva 20mg per day

Vitamin D at 3332 iu daily lowers SHBG

Quotes from the Dr and PhD-- using the links posted

‘hCG taken too long or at too high a dosage, the LH receptor can become desensitized’

‘Aromasin has less impact on cholesterol’

Sidenote of aromasin raising igf as well.


The members that built the often posted aro pct are Carlos Danger, cdaddy, zewi and myself.

The origional recipe called for 12.5mg aromasin daily which caused many folks to have too low estro and sore joints. The modified version below.

Harsh or long cycle had suggestion of hCG.

1 week after last pin—hCG at 500iu eod til 2nd week of pct. 3 weeks total.

2 weeks after last pin of cycle

1-2 aromasin 6.25ed
1-2 nolva 40mg split am/pm
1-2 clomid 100mg split am/pm
3-6 nolva 20mg
3-6 clomid 50mg

Edit–if bloods showed the need for caber on cycle, ive run it to second week of pct. Allow for full control by pct then stop.

The standard was 4weeks. Basic cycles or short estered cycles not using 19nor’s

1-2 aromasin 6.25ed
1-2 nolva 40mg split ed
1-2 clomid 100mg split ed
3-4 nolva 20mg
3-4 Clomid 50mg

Why does Llewellyn suggest ai during pct? Because if your e2 or prolactin is elevated, your pct will fail.

Any route you choose, be sure to use Pharma or equivalent grade pct products.

SgtStedankos advice on pct and libido was the addition of horney goat weed. You can google it as your research project. Its been used medically for sex drive well over a decade. I prefer the horney goat weed, maca blend. I have bad sides when i used the blend with yohimbe.

And i hope folks read and review what Llewellyn says repeatedly about hCH for too high or too long. The folks running hCG during cycle are just wreaking havoc on trying to have a successful pct.



This is a great write up, thank you for posting, it’s one of our most commonly asked about topics! I think it will very helpful for some of our guys to see options for a pct laid out so clearly! Also, we are/we’re both members on another board, my name over there isn’t McSwickles, and I was never very active, but read many of your posts over the years, I’m glad you made it over here brother!


This is old school thinking and I don’t agree just because of the aromasin will floor your estrogen at 25mg per day. I believe that the hcg can be run that way but there are multiple ways to run hcg that I agree will work. I actually like the 500iu 2x a week for only 10wks up until beginning pct the next day.

This is very true and why you need to be careful with hcg.

This is a good one if you’re running 1000mg or higher of testosterone because your estrogen levels can get high because estrogen is an important hormone in building muscle mass.
The guys you mentioned

really know there stuff I remember that even KAPSIZE I believe was the first that told me about using aro during pct because it raises your igf and for gyno prone individuals coming off high doses of testosterone it works great.

Great write up brother alot of interesting information and different ways of doing things


William Llewelly and the guys at roidtest are actually a partner with us in harm reduction and a sponsor.
If you order anything from roidtest you get 20% off with code UGMUSCLE for being a member.
Just a heads up


Hope i can help out folks! Seeing people hit goals with a safe and reasonable cycle keeps it easy n fun. At least til theres a need to go big


Appreciated!! It all counts!

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Yessir! I was one of the guinea pigs when that layout hit the board. Theres posted bloods that can be found showing high e2 or prolactin will stop a pct. The imbalances send neg loops. So if my prolactin is up i keep it in control til 2nd week pct and tren…i go 6 weeks pct. If e2 is held then usually prolactin is down but even a simple b6 x100mg can assist. Bloods are the only real proof


This is exactly what I was just about to say is that if your not running bloodwork all of this is a mystery to anyone who is using AAS and they can’t ever really know what to do during the cycle or during pct.


Ive heard of b6 helping but ive never tried it yet ive stuck with caber ever since I had a gyno scare on a sust/decca cycle

If you had bloods then you could see which is causing the issye and adjust the ai or da as needed. Or low dose nolva. Some folks bloods show that mast provi blocks fine while others…nope.

For folks on cycle that are e2 sensitive imo…run low test cycles. Low test eq as example. Even if you cant get monsterous mass, reconsider the end goals. Light test stack is a start. With bloods you can map your body reactions


The hcg at high doses and ai together sound right to me when I did fertility they had me on 3000 iu of hcg per week and 50 clomid Ed it did elevate my estrogen enough for ai I don’t pct I’m trt cause my shit quit at 28 that’s just my experience with those compounds together


Bingo! And with elevated e2 the recovery stops due to begative feedback loop. Keep it in good range and recover, hold mass and feel normal

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The worst thing possible and I have seen it happen is poor pct watch them come in gym tear ass work hard have a good cycle then half ass pct next thing you know they are “not feeling it” today and skipping gym

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Exactly! Gotta stay focused or it was a waste