Sis labs sitropin

i would just like to give everybody the heads up on here about sis labs sitropin g/h ,it tests pos on a preggy test,up to you if you dont want to accept this ,i just wanted to let all know ,for a pound you get get preggy tests from pound shop in uk

I didn’t know anything about gh testing positive on pregnancy tests I know that hcg tests positive on a pregnancy test.
Can someone else chime in and clearify this???

I believe he was saying that it was fake and actually hcg like you suggested. More of a warning for people.

hey man i know you said you would like someone else to chime in but i would like to add .you was on eroids yep. i was friends with dope and beast .to me they were very knowledgeable ,i put this to me and they said one way to check growth apart from bloods is use a pregnacy test ,often they would use hcg and even ipramorlin insated of g/h obviousley hcg would show up has a positive test

Gotcha now
Its true 100% they fake gh with any other white powder and if its showing positive on a pregnancy test I agree there is hcg in that vial

Im still at eroids from time to time im gettingbig

i had 4 boxes the first 2 were ok i never used g/h before so i wasnt expecting much and i was gonna stay on it 6 months plus ,i had pct so i decide do ostarine and gh .my balls by this time had already started to get back to normal ,so i couldnt tell at this point wether hcg or not ,but the last 2 boxes i used my stamina started to drop of the carpul tunnel in my right hand and half up my arm stopped ,a then i kept waking up .now ime no expert and its up to the next bloke if he believe how to test g/h this way .i just trying help out .but when i dont get sides from gear there something wrong ime like fuck it shoot that shit see what it does lol,and like a dick thats when i tested the last one .my batch number was difrrent to the sitropin what was tested on the first 2 tha same ,it not rocket science work that out is it lads

let me tell you something guys about SIS. In UK they have so bad reputation even you can read on UK forums. So many troubles with low dose and bunks. I personally had them stuff before and can you imagine one vial has min dose(from label declare) and another very very low. Scratch codes and part numbers is a fiction and good for some newbee who is so excited about product looks but they wasn’t interesting what is really inside. The same problems with tablets last time they sold Winny inside but label as VAR!!! Stupid idiots thought ppl are stupid and cannot check this by tester. Lots of drama. Personally stay away from this lab!

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thanks man .not on my own with sis then

So after hearing about how bad the sis Labs products were I wanted to go and research it a little bit more I went to anaboliclab and they show that all this is products tested great the anavar actually tested almost at 15 mg instead of 10. I don’t know if maybe there’s just fakes on the market and the products being sold are counterfeit sis products or if the lab just sucks and they got lucky with their test at anaboliclab.
The whole thing with the GH testing positive on a pregnancy test really concerns me because in my book that means that it’s definitely HCG.
I’m going to contact sis and I’m going to ask them directly what’s going on with their products I’m going to let them know that it’s BIGMURPH from UGM and I’m going to invite them here to discuss why so many people are complaining that their products are horrible but yet they tested so well maybe they’ll have a better explanation. I think it would be great to start doing this actually have a representative from a lab like sis come to you UGM and possibly explain in a post what exactly is going on at there company and maybe update us about fakes that might be in the market and how to spot them.
What do you think @Ronin and @busa?

yea that is good idea but I’m not expecting from them solid information about what is going on?! In the UK forums many members was complained and SIS even not reacted about this. One guy said to me sis tried give him free gift for some kind of problem but I know personally guys who used many stuff from SIS and one cycle was work but when they bought the same things and started second cycle didn’t work??!, that was a signal to check up bloodtest and you know what? testosterone level was the same normal level after used 600mg test en EW for 3 weeks!! and code was verified!! so we cannot say that was counterfeit. Internet online anabolic labs testing sometimes is a joke, friend of mine who is supplier, he used some online labs for HPLC testing his gear and lab gave him offer to give him very positive results if he will pay some extra money!!! Can you imagine? To be honest Bigmurph all labs can prepare proper vial and send to AnabolicLab for testing and will be ok but what about rest? AbabolicLab just checking one vial, and another story how is look like test results when your label inform 10mg but in is 15mg? this is 50% overdose! if someone calculating mg to kg so how the guy suppose to be proper prepare cycle? This is just my observations and info from other guys. Personally I used SIS few times and always was lottery, ppl a lot complained more about tabs dose. Can you imagine clenbuterol 40mcg on label but inside 60mcg ? :):rofl:

… but when somebody will sell to me HCG instead HGH so this is completely unprofessional!!!

this is one example from so many…

i looked at the anobolic lab test and compared the serial numbers to mine .bare in mind i had 4 kits but only buy one a t a time .it was the first time i used g/h dtraight in at 5iu a day i got all the sides guys go on about but then they dropped of when i got to box 3 .so i checked with pregnancy test .i got photo and i will upload in a minute ,the source i had it of on eroids was running a promo free 2x test prop and give away 1 hgh sis .i said i got enough test prop can i enter the promo lottery for the hgh .i didnt get it some other guy did with high kharma ,he was banging on about how good it was and calling me everythin .so i say this ,why did the source give me £155 worth of store credit ?why .1 he a good source and its not always there fault and i was honest but shitroids banned me ,the same reason they banned me for exposing 5 sources with the same bank sort codes and account numbers .all i no is they tested positive on preg test .2 why did i get 155 pound worth of store credit .you can make your own conclusion but iam not gonna spend loads on igf test to prove my innocents .fuckem so i come here and the best thing i ever done .you know guys i even put a ment cycle on there and i got fuckin roasted ,yet none of the big mouths had ever use it ,all they could say that it used for chemical castration and dangerouse ,these are the guys who use insulin dnp erythpiotin .fuck em ,make your own minds up but if g/h shows up has pregnancy test ,what is it .up to you guys make your own minds up .bless you all stay safe

i tested 3 diffrent bottles first one i messed up

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sis had to pull all there tren hex recently cause it just contained tren enanthate

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hahaha so we need a wait who will be next with some surprise :slight_smile:

think we all make mistakes i dont like putting people down but if i can get someone to think twice about a product and not get robbed i have acheived something yes something else will pop up iam sure lol

i know there dbol was questionable once aswell .i alway do lab max .if you go on there site they will send you one for free

this is always drama when some UGL wanna earn quickly with no matter with consequences, anyway we cant expecting from UGL to be like pharma but when UGL is becoming doggy then I don’t understand why they are doing this ???

to be honest dbol is most of easy to check up by our body :slight_smile: for example dbol and oxy have very familiar molecules but retention with doses is much more different or Tbol to dbol like no retention with retention. If you know your body well then you discover quickly what is going on

Someone could die if clen was dosed like that.
The selective scamming is definitely a problem in today’s market.
One day a lab could be the best around and the next its just oil or hcg instead of hgh like another member commented.
It really sucks but at ugm we have verified srcs that provide the best around.
The srcs here stay verified until I hear something different. That’s why we don’t have a ranking system. All our srcs are #1

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