Site injection-myth or does it work

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So here’s a good topic up for discussion. I know a lot of people don’t believe in site injection. I’m going to start site injecting again it’s been a while since I’ve done it and I have some TNE I think I’m going to start after I complete my bridge cycle. I’ve always liked using fast acting esters when I site inject. Who here has experimented with site injection. Open discussion even if you have used synthol. I’ve used it years ago and to me it was a waste of time and money.

I’m the pussy that’s just too scared to stick a needle in my chest and bis and tris lmao. I did my bis and tris once. I guess it wasn’t too bad at all. Just haven’t ever really ran enough to need to.

I have not site injected… intentionally. However, I notice that my most common sites are more developed than my quads (I don’t pin them unless absolutely necessary). In addition, at one time I favored my left delt over my right…I was pinning my TNE there all the time because I can reach it. The left delt is actually bigger than the right one. Coincidence? Things that make me go hmmm…


Oh fuck doing your chest I won’t do that. When I use to run igf years ago I would but I don’t use igf anymore. You can actually use an insulin pen cause you only want to do 1/2cc per head when doing smaller groups like arms and calves.

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:thinking::thinking::thinking: hmmm makes you think. Also I love to hit my rear delta. Really brought them up. It’s tricky to reach. A door way is awesome lol. Your rears can take a full CC if decent size

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Rear delts?:fearful: Is it painful?

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Not at all that is virgin meat never been hit lol. I use the door way to push my arm back there. I can’t reach without using door. I use 5/8 25g and it’s so smooth never once have I had PIP there. Try it with fast acting ester on shoulder day. You will thank me later. Try doing half and half in each self if you’re using TNE

:fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: do it MYSELF!!! OH MY!!! I’m scared . Lmbo! @SIEGMUND had to walk me through pinning quads​:joy::joy: literally. I was freaking out trying to do it! My heart is pounding at the thought​:fearful:

lol I’ve been there breakout in cold sweat lol. If you have someone to do for you that’s best for first time

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Roger that! I can definitely let someone else do it!

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Best way to do is flex ur rear felt then the meatiest part that’s where you want to pin it.

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I’ve site injected with calves. No extra growth for me:(

I’ll say this. I’ll never do site injects for calves again… that was the most painful next few days trying to walk.

How long did you do it? I didn’t notice much in my calves but deff biceps

lol I’ve done that a few times worst pain everif you hit it wrong

no calfs for me , noway no hell


Calm on @SIEGMUND lol

i remember I had read an article about it and how great it was. So i did it. Worst regret in my life… I felt like staying in a wheelchair for a week. Could only hobble to the gym and do upper body on machines.

I usually use a slin pen no pain but there are a lot of nerves in there and it can’t take too much. I usually only do half cc per head. Hard part is trying not to flex it while pinning lol

I have come to the conclusion over the years that the inflammation response to the trauma is the only feeling of tightness and some scar tissue makes my bis/Tris, calves feel like something was happening. No real tape measure growth. I look at it like this my ass would be huge. Actually , when I stopped sites, they developed a grainier harder look.

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