Sleep aides for gear head

Hey thought I would ask this. So especially on a larger shot of test, or even working too much tren in, I think everyone has lost sleep due to gear head.

What is some of the remedies and aides you use to get a good night’s rest?


Melatonin is my go to

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You have to be careful with melatonin because it is also a hormone a weak hormone but a hormone.


200mg seroquel 50mg trazadone


A shot of NyQuil.

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Trazodone. It’s been a saving grace

Make sure you’re getting all the proper macronutrients, micronutrients and drinking the proper amount of water that is conducive to your training instensity. Can’t be underestimated enough, feel like we all forget that sometime

I didn’t know that. What effect does it have on hormone levels?

Hemp / CBD / Melatonin or just like Arnie light a fat joint, if you can ! If not I have use Hemp extract / CBD and melatonin before while on Tren.


Just getting the proper amount of fat in your diet plays a big role in regulating hormone levels. Of course the types of carbohydrates you consume impacts blood sugar. Example, I’ll save some carbs for a small bowl of cereal and strawberries at the end night to help promote good blood sugar levels for better sleep

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Don’t ever underestimate the need for proper hydration. Consuming enough water helps flush out toxins from your system. I drink 240 oz of water daily, but my training is also high instensity. If miss that mark…big difference in sleep quality

I’m going with Arnold’s way. I smoke myself out every night. I sleep great!


Even I use medical marijuana to sleep and for pain and anxiety


Thing that works for me is a Benadryl knocks me out every time, only thing is I’m a little groggy the next day but we’ll rested. Better then getting 4hrs sleep

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I pop one of these baby’s almost every night.

If you go to your local Grocery store they should have some sleep aid pills by the Tylenol, I’m an insomniac so started using these a few years ago, work like a charm, just a little drowsy when you wake up, but down a White monster first thing in the am and your Good to go lol.

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Was melatonin but I’ve read that has some liver toxicity so not while I’m on anadrol. I think I’m Going to Benadryl it this week on clen.


If I need to NyQuil for me I won’t really take anything for sleep cause it seems like I need it to sleep I’m usually tired from long days so crash bandicoot for me hgh does make me sleep way deeper and wake up more refreshed

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Are these scripts from Dr?

Yes I should have said that

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