Slin, GH, igf 1

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Hey everyone I just want to thank everybody beforehand who comments or puts in their 2 cents. So I recently had a buddy of mine recommended me to try insulin. Now I’m kind of weary of insulin only because my grandfather is a diabetic and he’s had a couple close calls and it’s kind of scared me I know it’s totally different but to the same perspective. So I started doing some research on slin, igf1 and HGH. And I had My Mind Set On saving up for a good long high-dose HGH cycle not for a few more years. I figured because I’m still young. 2 it’s really expensive and three after this past hell of a year and a half I just want to get back to where I was. So a little bit about myself I’m 23. 220lbs 6’4". I have a couple Cycles under my belt. And right now I am on a 12 week bulk. 600cyp and 400npp to maybe be bumped up to 600 npp. I don’t know enough about the peps to know if they will benefit me at all or not. Right now I really don’t have a goal of getting up on stage I wasn’t really brought up with that mindset when I first started working out. I was all about dirty bulking getting big it takes wait to move weight type of mindset because most of my buddies were strong men and powerlifters. So that’s what I really wanted to do I did a couple strongman competitions. And ended up being pretty good until I ended up pinching my sciatic nerve that put me out for over a year and a half and would that year-and-a-half I figured I could start dealing with my testosterone problem I had before I ever touched gear. So long behold over a year-and-a-half and I’m back at it my back is probably around 90% to 95%. And after doing everything I could with doctors and everything else to try and get my issues solved I decided to do my own trt and start with a blast and cruise it was enough waiting around. So I guess for the time being you could say my goal is to bulk back up and keep pushing myself for looks and strength. I kind of had enough of the bloat I’d like to look halfway decently now and by knowing enough people nowadays and seeing enough pictures I know it’s possible to be a powerlifter and look good. So please any information you can push towards me about any of those subjects I would appreciate it. As I said I’m going to keep pushing forward with this small goal of mine and then from there I’m going to choose another goal maybe I’ll choose to get up on stage one day but as of right now that’s not in my near future. I know a few people had asked me for my labs and I’m trying to get ahold of them I don’t live in the town that I used to so it’s hard to get ahold of my old doctor for my labs so people can see my previous lab work. Any questions feel free to ask. I am much more comfortable coming on here and asking questions because I know I’ll get the truth and I won’t get the run around like most forums or other places. Thanks again!

Enhanced Athlete Coach Trevor drops some gems on this subject, their channel is more entertaining than anymore but Coach Trevor is a very knowledgeable guy. Browse around their YouTube and I’m sure you could find your answers. Wish I could I say more than that but I personally have zero experience on the subject, but I will say I know plenty of pros who are completely against insulin. My thought process on GH is you shouldn’t even look into that stuff until you other compounds no longer work for you.

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Thank you for your input and recommendation I will look him on YouTube and see what I can find

Personally I think your too young for slin and gh bro. Thats just my personal opinion. I was about 30 when I first started running slin. @PHD maybe can comment further. You really need to know your stuff on what your eating, monitoring your levels etc. Its not fun being in the gym or doing something and hitting a crash. If you were competing and going further then I would say its worth looking into. But not competing I dont see the point. I posted Mike Arnolds protocols here before and used that myself with great results but I was alot further down the road and had other reasons for running it.

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Thanks bro I appreciate your honesty and that’s kind of what was going through my head I know I’m kind of young to begin with for any of this stuff. And like I said he recommended it to me he’s a couple years older than me but. Just the stuff I do now and have done has worked great for me so I didn’t feel in need in adding more compounds or anything is that. Like I said at this point in time I don’t know whether I’m going to try and enter a competition within the next year or two or go back towards the powerlifting and strong man route. Hurt myself pretty bad with a hernia and my sciatic so I’m kind of on the edge with that stuff. So that basically proves the other point of what you said I’m not competing so why spend the extra money and worries if I’m not competing. Thanks again for the reply and honesty. Think I’ll just hold of until I’m more serious or have a set goal

Yea you deff don’t need to mess with slin bro. First off your family history puts you at a risk you’re playing with fire and you’re not at that experience level to mess with it. I’m glad you are being smart and asking without just doing it. Slin is just dangerous.


That’s why I’m glad to be part of this site cuz I know people will point me in the right direction that will be better for myself. thank you for your help

I would like to know if you have any experience with GH or igf-1 and maybe what the difference is our if one works better or what not I’m not going to touch either of those right now either but I’m actually very interested in learning about them and getting information from someone that has actually used it instead of something off of a another random forum where they saw on Google…

im interested in adding IGF 1 to my pct, still learning about it though. So if anyone could chime on this.

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I will jump in later todayI have researched igflr3 and des for awhile and decided against running it


Alright so igflr3 is the short acting version of igf-1 the des version is the long lasting version.
I did a ton of research on igflr3 and in the end I Decided not to run it even though it provides amazing gains when combined with hgh. It also has some amazing side effects and worrying about gyno is enough for me I don’t want to have to worry about my organs growing and having a gut. This really tends to happen at high level dosing.

The other issue is getting the real thing its almost impossible. Its out there I know a couple of srcs literally 3 but the rest is usually research grade garbage that wont do what it really should.

I believe that compounds like slin tren igflr3 should all be used by only people that compete. Why does a regular guy just trying to look good need all of these really harsh compounds. There are many choices that are saffer and better in my opinion to get you to your goals.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is your health or your just going to look good in a suit at your funeral at a young age and no one wants that.

Stay safe brothers and sisters research research research! !!!


Thanks for all your research brother and helpful thoughts

No problem im not sure if I really helped do you have any specific questions about it?

No I was just more less wondering if there is a difference between GH and igf-1 because I heard with the use of GH it up to your igf-1 but I had also heard it is hard to get ahold of the real thing. And I wasn’t sure if that was more comparable to slin or GH. But you basically answered everything I needed like I said I don’t really have an answer as to what I want to do I’m kind of at the crossroads where I’m trying to decide whether I go back to more of a powerlifting strongman type of training or if I decide I want to do a show. So I can totally get and understand it’s not really going to be beneficial for me in a way because I’m not competing in any form right now and still on the younger side of things I was just questioning it because a buddy of mine had recommended it to me so I figured someone in here must know about those. I mean right now like I said I’m doing a little blast of 600cyp 400npp and only been on that for almost two weeks now and I’ve gained about 6 pounds. So I don’t really see a need for adding anything else rite now any ways

So hgh does raise your igf levels
The difference between hgh and igflr3 or des is that hgh is 191 amino acids or atleast it should be there is of course fake stuff and they have hgh that is 192aa and 192 is not good it has alot of bad side effects and a lot of suppliers that sell ugl or generic lately have been mixing the 2 so its a cheaper product. I would recommend anything from our verified srcs here generic or phama grade. I would also recommend only a couple others.
So if you get real hgh it will raise your igf levels and if you can get igf which is extremely hard it raises your igf levels in a different way. It is actually igf so the lr3 raises levels for a burst then return down so its a pwo usually. Des is the longer acting version which you can inj less frequently.

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