So what pushed you?

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I’ve been trying to incorporate health and fitness in my lifestyle now for about 7 months or so. It’s because I was a 27 year old male with a very bad eating and lifestyle habit overall (I was about 190 lbs having a desk job :frowning: ).

I was afraid that if I could not take care of my body then I would not be able to take care of my future family for long. This idea has pushed me up to this day to pursue living a healthy life.

What pushed you?


Stuck in an overwhelming stressful career along with disgusting eating habits, I gained enough weight to be at my heaviest, 230 lbs./ 104 kg. After being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I acknowledged that enough is enough, I only brought this condition upon myself. This was the influence to create an optimal nutrition regimen, then a workout routine to obtain the best body image that I have ever had in my life. I am now down to 159 9.9% body fat (as of this morning).

Oh PS - am no longer have my thyroid disease, my T levels are completely normal. Yay for a healthy lifestyle!

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That is great to hear! You my friend is a success. Keep it up!

btw, how do you scale body fat? I’ve lost quite some pounds since then and I would also like to know my body fat percentage. Thanks!

Thanks. I recommend purchasing a smart scale, only because it offers other forms of info: muscle %, BMI, water %, and bone density. Other individuals will warn you that this isn’t 100% accurate, but having some arbitrary value to compare is better than nothing. If you just want to measure only body fat, calipers are what I recommend.

I went through this myself 2yrs ago I was 260lbs+ and well over 30% bf. I stepped on a scale and saw this and that day stopped eating fast food then changed my diet to anything I would eat had to be breathing or straight from the ground before I cooked it nothing processed at all. I of course started training again and I cut down to around 180lbs now im at 211 as of this morning and im 17% bf because im bulking but before the bulk I was 13% and my abs were starting to show.
Thank God I had that moment where I realized how far I had let myself go.

I think for most individuals, unfortunately, they have to experience their poor health in order to turn things around. I can’t express how frustrating it is to warn patrons who are headed down this path to modify their diet and incorporate fitness in their activity, only for them to make empty promises of change. Theoretical understanding vs. actual.

Thanks for sharing @Bigmurph! I guess the really thing that will get us all motivated is the day that we have enough. This kind of thing inspired me back then. When I read regarding people who just had an overwhelming body transformation, I get hyped and say “If they could do it, so can I!”!

Yes, you are very right on that @eternick170. I have friends that are overweight and have poor health and I try to encourage them into trying to live healthy before it is too late.

PS. Im heading to the gym now. You guys have a great one.
Cheers! ~

Very impressive. I have seen more people become healthy, especially hormonal, by lifestyle changes. I try to teach this but most don’t feel crappy enough to make a change.

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