Social Dilemma. If you haven’t seen it, you better

What an amazing doc. I highly suggest everyone sees it. It puts a lot of things into perspective. Being that I work in both IT and Television, it’s like the double whammy for me as it embarks on fake news and how technology pushes it your way using algorithms just to keep you online. It’ll certainly make you fact check EVERY article posted on social media


Was a very good doc. People should view everything with skepticism and scrutiny, especially if it confirms their own belief or opinion.

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I watched it and its actually scary how they have taken over the minds of everyone under 30 basically


Yeah it’s extremely sad that we as a nation are where we are today because of technology

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It’s sad how much bullshit were fed and how dependent our brains get on getting stimulus from tv/ads/social media. Life would be a lot better without it. So much time spent towards bullshit nothing.

Time to go fishing


This is why I don’t have fb, Instagram, or any of that stuff. To me it’s all just a waste of time unless you’re using it for business purposes and marketing.
I’ve recently introduced my wife to the Stoicism and she’s been getting away from it as well. It’s all just generally unhealthy and feeds a false sense of reality.

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we actually just made our kids watch this, we treated it like it was a school assignment also, had them watch it at the same times in their rooms separate from each other and take notes on it and then had an open discussion about it all. My oldest and youngest then started actually asking questions about how to properly research things for themselves, that made for a very proud dad moment there.

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