SomaLong is ready ! Peg HGH

SomaLong is ready ! Peg HGH

So guys,

Firts small batch of SomaLong is ready. For the future bathces we will make additional adjust for the product, based on your feedback as well.

About this product - formulation is the same as Blue. Active ingridient - 17 grams in the kit. This is modified HGH molecule, but actually this is not just HGH with some “tail” like testE. This is absolutely different structure.

How to use it ? You need to inject it once per 6 days. Based on how your body work you will have peaks and falls of GH serum during these 6 days and increased IGF for like 10 days after first inject.

Our current recomendation for dosage -> 1ml of this HGH for 100kg/220lb athlete once per 6 days it’s like ~10iu of standard hgh each 6 hours (or ~40 iu daily) BUT this is very individual and you need to see how is your body react.

1 kit - 5 ml

If you want to buy and use this product - please write me your feedback (as detailed as possible) and may be some bloods

This batch is very limited.

Code UGM10 to get 10% off


And we put really low price for this product at the beggining


Very interested in trying this, it’d be my first time using HGH.


And of you can use smaller dosage.
Like 0,25ml for 100kg guy it’s like ~2-3iu each 6 hours or ~10iu dayli


Sounds interesting. So you only inject once every 6 days? I would think 1 ml would be overkill for some. I would just start out 1/2 cc then work your way up. I really don’t know as I have never done Pure HGH just peptides 191a strain.

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Oh, I’m sorry guys

1ml for 100kg guy - it’s like 10 iu a day. Not each 6 hours
I get it wrong from my guy

So based on your weight you can approx.calculate starting dosage

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This is interesting. How does this work exactly?
So am I understanding you correctly? Doing let’s say 1ml for me I’m 220lbs every 6 days is basically the equivalent of doing 10iu a day for 6 days? Or
Am I Missing this totally?

Also with increased IGF wouldn’t that be a bad thing for people that have had cancer?

Id like more information if you can I need to dig into this


Some of the questions I’ve been pondering as well.

I was wondering when a long acting pegylated HGH would be on the market. This will be very fun to watch guys demo and log. :+1:


I was reading the research on this and its only been out a few years but successful in trials. Really would be nice to have the ability to see this. If I could afford it I’d even run a log and tests on this stuff. Maybe next year.


This is very enticing

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That is very interesting. What blood tests could you run to test this? IGF1? Hgh serum?

@OneQ If I read correctly this isn’t actually HGH? Rather a modified version? Am I correct when saying after the compound is injected the body turns it into HGH?

Many moons ago, probably late 90’s early 2000s Genentech produced a product called Nutropin Depot which was long acting HGH. I simply did 1 injection per month and I was good, it was time/sustained released. To this day it was the best damn HGH I’ve ever used, shit was iconic. Unfortunately they pulled it off the market soon after going commercial, now that sucked!

Has anybody here tried this yet? I know little about hgh, I’ve been trying to educate myself for some time now, but if I read this correctly, this is compared to doing 10iu per day. Isn’t that way too high, to a point that would cause negative side effects? Again, just learning

I think it is actual HGH “wrapped” in PEG (pegylated) so it stays in serum longer. The PEG (polyethylene glycol) dissolves slowly releasing a little HGH at a time. That is how other pegylated drugs work. Obviously that is a dumbed down explanation, but best I can explain.


@BigDogg Thank you!

PEG is not fully correct word. There are actually no HGH, this is absolutely different structure.
We will make kinf of presentation with explanations.

Now I would share some analysis I have on my hand fron the testers of first formulation. I can not say for what dose it’s linked in the new formulation. Just to show you what I mean by peaks and falls

So. Injection days: 25.Jul -> 29.Jul-> 3.Aug->8.Aug->13.Aug

GH serum tests (ref.: 0,06-5.00 ng/ml):
25 Jul -> 7.14 ng/ml
26 Jul -> 21 ng/ml
27 Jul -> 13 ng/ml
30 Jul -> 15.9 ng/ml
7 Aug -> 17.9 ng/ml

IGF-1 tests (ref.: 116-329
12 Jul -> 286 ng/ml
27 Jul -> 329 ng/ml
30 Jul -> 269 ng/ml
1 Aug -> 386 ng/ml
7 Aug -> 404 ng/ml
13 Aug -> 365 ng/ml
19 Aug -> 171 ng/ml

And picture from the tester (bad quality)


This is very interesting to me its difficult to understand. I see that there are peaks then where it seems there should still be a peak there’s a drop?
Were all bloodwork done at the same time on all 5 days they were tested?

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Falls I mean not to 0, but not stable high GH serum level. More or less high

As you may see this guy did first injection 25 Jul ( 01:00 am)
Than he made GH serum tests 25/26/27 (always tested at 9:00-10:00 am)

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This is what I was curious about I think that this is a great product.
It was the july 30th test the gh serum is great but the igf went low. I just don’t understand why the test came out like that when the rest were what you would expect. Just out of curiosity did something that day drop his igf?
Thanks this peg hgh is going to be really popular really fast

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