SomaLong is ready ! Peg HGH

SomaLong is ready ! Peg HGH

IGF is not so stable analysis
Diet in this day could be shit or he took some pill

For example just got another result (this guy is professional competitor on the strict low diet and a lot of gear + some health issue if I got right)

But in that case long GH could be good choise because we havce 2 types of IGF in our body - “liver” IGF (we see it in the blood) and “muscular” IGF (this IGF never leave muscle cells so we never see it in the blood). And musuclar conversin working good even if your liver works bad

Injection days: 23.Jul -> 28.Jul-> 2.Aug->7.Aug->12.Aug

GH serum tests (ref.: 0,06-5.00 ng/ml):
23 Jul -> 9.49 ng/ml
24 Jul -> 20.80 ng/ml
25 Jul -> 18.90 ng/ml
28 Jul -> 15.80 ng/ml
30 Jul -> 21.90 ng/ml
4 Aug -> 30.20 ng/ml

IGF-1 tests (ref.: 116-329
12 Jul -> 76
25 Jul -> 142
28 Jul -> 106
30 Jul -> 120
4 Aug -> 142
10 Aug -> 148
16 Aug -> 124


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I love all the information it looks like this can vary well be the future.

This is what I figured something just made that day different and skewed the test but in all the testing looks great and the product is working.

Yes, the product definitely works well
Hope that people enjoy it :slight_smile:
But ofc it’s something new and suspect :smiley:

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People fear what they don’t know or understand but the proof is right there in the testing.
I also believe that if it comes from OneQ its a solid product.


I bet this would really accelerate fat loss while on a cutting diet.

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Definitely and with the cutdown on injecting its really convenient. It comes premixed you don’t even need bac water it doesn’t get any easier lol


Will see how it goes :slight_smile:

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Is this still one sale? Couldn’t find it on the site.

Temporarily unavailable but will be back soon.

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Did they run out of the first batch?

Not sure, would think so but again not sure.

I did see where he said “Long will be restocked next week”

This was stated on a different forum OneQ is on.

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Thanks for the head’s up

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Long will be restocked tomorrow

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I want to ask again, has anybody on this board tried this yet? Very interested in starting hgh, but this info seems weird to me. Wouldn’t it be way to much to do 1cc every 6 days if it equaled doing 10iu per day??

Not sure. However I’m waiting on my order from @OneQ and will be posting bloodwork including my baseline now.


1 ml each 5 days. For 100kg guy, it’s APPROXIMATELY 10 iu a day. In fact everyone react different.
SOme order arrived, hope to see feedbacks/bloods soon

I can’t wait to see this…

Can you contact me about an order I placed with you. Thank you

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